We are a New Technology Solutions Provider…   to  achieve energy conservation and energy independence in the largest power consumers  and largest growing demands  Lighting and Data Centers

Our inefficient, carbon-based energy economy threatens to irreversibly disrupt the Earth’s climate. Averting dangerous climate change and the resultant crop-shrinking heat waves, more-destructive storms, accelerated sea level rise, and waves of climate refugees means cutting carbon emissions 80 percent by 2020.

Lighting -19% of Global Electricity    19% of all of the Worlds power 

Some 19 percent of world electricity demand goes to lighting. The carbon emissions generated by this sector equal roughly 70 percent of those produced by the global automobile fleet.

Lighting Solutions-   We support and supply LUXADD, the most efficient Lighting Retrofit Technology today.  Save and Sustain in one simple “snap” .

Data Centers- 2.2% of Global Electricity  2.2% of the Worlds Power

Data centers consume approximately 1.3% of worldwide electricity use in 2008.. There are new technologies to provide  more energy efficient operations, equipment and management of Data Centers,  as energy costs rise.

The study compares the growth figures of the time period 2000-2005 with those of 2005-2010. In 2000 the total electricity consumption for all uses world wide was 13238 BkWh. The total electricity used by data centers world wide was 70.8 BkWh. Which means that data centers used 0.53% of the world’s total electricity consumption. By 2005 that percentage had almost doubled to 0.97%, the servers consuming 152.5 BkWh of the world’s total 15747 BkWh.If that trend had continued unabated, in 2012 data centers would be good for 2.2% of the world’s total electricity consumption.

The demand for Data Centers is growing, as is demand for Efficiency, Security, DR, Disaster Recovery.  Data and what it serves is now Mission Critical , and so are the  solutions

Committed to provide New Technology Solutions for  Mission Critical Applications, and  Efficiencies

Data Center Solutionswe support and supply  iFortress– Modular Data Centers, Hermetically and Security Sealed ..Spatially Efficient,  Energy Efficient    Department of Defense tested and approved for explosive and fire survival, water and weather proof,   iFortess for your Mission Critical Data center.

We support and supply Egenera  The only  Mission Critical product that provides Both physical server and cloud : Reduce IT components by 80% and lower costs. Consolidate and Converge remove redundant servers and eliminate licenses Multi-tenancy, SAN ,  Management Efficiency , and revenue creation within your own assets .  Disaster recovery instantly,  never loose Data, ever..

Monitor-Measure-Protect Secure – Providing the tools for Energy Management, Security, Protection, with Remote Communications and Call Out ability;  best in class measurement and verification of Power and Data Center parameters.

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