Note to US customers, you are not required to use fuse packs or circuit breakers with our meter/CVTs as long as they don’t have their voltage leads longer than 10 feet in length.  So, it’s extra savings for the customer and less to install.  Plus, no other meter can offer the same feature as they force installers to bring high voltage connections back to the meter.  This is all possible because of our CVT! 

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Here are some of the reasons building automation and energy services groups have been switching over to Senva:

  • The install is“easy and seamless” and “impressive amount of data points that can be monitored”.
  • Our meter installation does not require fusing or circuit breakers, per the 10 foot tap rule (see attached)
  • The EM-RS485 is a 3-channel meter, meaning it can monitor 3-phase systems or 3 independent single phases with one meter!
  • The EM Series also feature best in class accuracy and unlike other manufactures we have 1% system wide accuracy which includes the CT’s. Other meter manufactures only state accuracy of their meter only and do not include accuracy of the CT’s connected to the meter.
  • Competitive pricing starting at $470 for a complete 3-Phase System

Below is a quick 2 minute summary of our EM-RS485 (BACnet/Modbus capable) meter highlights, which includes our patented technology on our CVT that keeps all high voltage connections in the panel and away from the meter.  Our design initiative was to create an energy meter that is safe, versatile and quick to install – and our customers have confirmed we hit the mark!


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