EM Series Energy Meter

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We set out to make the easiest to install, most accurate meter. We started with flexible Rogowski CTs because they’re compact, lightweight, and split-core for easy installation. But we didn’t like their accuracy. So we gave them a brain so they can digitally communicate with our meter. And then it dawned on us you’d appreciate not having high voltage at the meter where you make your digital connections. So we made the voltage connection at the CT itself. Suddenly, we were measuring current and voltage in a current transducer.

We christened it the “CVT” and called the patent attorney…

The Current/Voltage TransducerTM (CVTTM) measures both voltage and current, communicating the data digitally to the meter via plug-in low
voltage connections.


 Smart microprocessor enabled CVTsTM boast numerous benefits:

▪ Digitally calibrated CVTsTM are extremely accurate
▪The accuracy is as high as a calibrated system, yet different CVTsTM can
be changed from meter to meter and the accuracy is maintained. A big
advantage for auditing, since your meter is not size specific.
▪Plug and play installation— individual CVTsTM are digitally recognized by the
meter base and outputs are automatically scaled—no user set up is required.
▪Digital communication offers superior noise immunity compared to
traditional induced low-signal Rogowskis
▪All the high voltage connections are at the CVTTM
▪Rogowski CVTsTM are available in 4 sizes from 9” to 36” in circumference and
include several rating options from 300A to 6000A and are universally rated
for 90-600V


Intelligent Meter Technology auto-detects and self configures on each installation!

The meter recognizes the CVTTM sensors and then scales itself accordingly. If you’re using BACnet or Modbus versions (EM-RS485), it even self-configures its baud rate, eliminating additional configuration steps to provide a full data stream of power variables. Two pulse inputs allows aggregation of additional EM-PULSE meters. With the EM-RS485,
the on-board inputs can connect to a variety of pulse output meters (water, gas, steam, etc.) for increased flexibility. The entire assembly is easily mounted inside the electrical panel. Multiple mounting options including DIN rail adapter, snap-in mounting ears and integrated rare earth magnets to instantly secure on any ferrous enclosure or surface.
Additional features include diagnostics for assistance during installation. User programmable pulse scales, pulse width/alarm options, energy type, balanced load multipliers and PowerPrint power quality alarm. It all adds up to ease of installation and higher accuracy. Just what you’d expect from Senva.


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