iFortress Overview

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iFortress is much more than a “data center”, just as the data center is so much more than just an office. The iFortress Exterior Modular Mission Critical Facility (MCF) is a unique, self contained, “Green” and energy efficient, scalable, highly insulated, airtight controlled and fully rated assembly of floor, wall and ceiling panels with a specialized door and cable penetration system.

Tested and validated by multiple independent authorities, the iFortress line of IBC compliant, ASTM, commercial and DOD, Military and Government approved Structural Security™ Products.  iFortress has pioneered the course for the highest efficiencies and security in the industry. We continue to lead the way by setting new standards for the structural security™ of mission critical facilities worldwide.


A factory finished solution, iFortress is manufactured in accordance with a rigorous Quality Control Quality Assurance program. iFortress eliminates the uncertainty and inconsistencies associated with labor and materials while greatly simplifying the methodologies needed for the deployment of today’s mission critical facility.

iFortress is precision in motion. A unique concept unmatched in its industry.  iFortress’ advanced technology has taken a quantum leap in the evolution of construction technology and is currently being utilized to protect mission critical installations domestically and abroad.  iFortress focus is the Mission Critical Efficiency and Security Mandate in meeting the market’s demand for improved Scheduling, Spatial utilization, Operational, Fiscal, and Energy Efficiencies, and, of course, Comprehensive Risk Mitigation.

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