IT cabinets safe and secure: Rack Monitoring with intelligent PDU and voltage analysis

  • Integrated sensors: 12
  • Monitored threats: up to 25
  • Stand alone – Web server
  • E-Mail – SNMP Alarm
  • Env. and power monitoring
  • 8-way PDU with 2 x 3,600 VA



Monitoring of all critical risks in the IT rack with intelligent PDU and voltage analysis

The MultiSensor-RACK can optionally be operated as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with an AlarmManager-PRO (or StarterSet-PRO). The MultiSensor-RACK monitors all critical risks in the IT rack and additionally analyzes current and voltage via the integrated PDU.
The integrated web server guarantees a intuitive operation and configuration.


Overview of functions

  • Integrated Sensors: 12
  • Monitors up to 25 threats
  • Integrated Web-Server with intuitive user interface
  • Datalogging with chart-view and CSV/XML export
  • Alarming via E-Mail and SNMP-Trap
  • Integrated voltage analysis (Sag, Swell, Peak)
  • Connectable with AlarmManager-PRO
  • OLED Display with all measurement values
  • PDU with 8 switchable IEC outlets and redundant 2x16A supply
  • Up to 44 devices via C13 outlet connectable
  • 19″ standard chassis with 1U



  • Condition rack monitoring
  • Early threat detection
  • Early fire detection
  • Energy monitoring (PUE measurement)
  • Integration into Network Monitoring Systems


The dashboard – Current state of the system at a glance

On the dashboard you see at one glance whether all measured values and system states are in a normal range. This way, you get a quick overview of all monitored parameters in your IT cabinet.

Additionally, the chart informs you about the course of temperature and humidity. Due to the integrated recording of the MultiSensor-RACK, historical data of  a time span of up to three months can be accessed in the dashboard.


Energy measurement and power analysis

The MultiSensor-RACK determines the current performance of each of the two integrated PDUs. Due to the continuous measurements, the power consumption of the connected end devices can be determined and recorded. The logged data are saved in the long-term storage and enable a consumption registration over the course of one year. At the same time, the MultiSensor-RACK monitors and visualizes power, electric current and peak voltage in a real-time graph. When the determined thresholds are passed, the responsible persons receive an alarm message immediately. Problems with power supply (quality of power) can be identified easier and quicker this way.


Content of delivery

  • 1x MultiSensor-RACK
  • Mounting material
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Kentix StarterSet-PRO-1


Connectable devices Stand-Alone operation (Integrated Web-Server), AlarmManager-PRO
Sensor – Temperature range -20 to 99°C / -3 to 210°F
Sensor – Relative humidity range 0 to 100%
Sensor- Dew point calculated  in °C
Sensor – Motion Internal vibration sensor, trigger sensitivity configurable
Sensor – Carbon-monoxide (CO) Fire detection via CO-SensorInternal resolution: 20-200ppm (0-100%) adjustable, Sensor-lifetime: 5 years (replaceable)
Buzzer 85dB, 2.3kHz
Kentix System-Port 2 Kentix System-jacks (SYS 1/2) to connect external Plug´n Play modules (RJ45) like door contacts , leakage-sensors, external alarms. Assignment: 2 x Alarm input (Armed-Active, Always-Active), 2 x Open Collector output 0.1A/12V (1x Alarming, 1x Remote control)
Sensors – Energy measurement Voltage (V), Current (A), Active Power (W), Apparent power (VAR), Consumption (kWh), Power factor (%), Consumption total (kWh), Consumption per month (kWh), Costs (Currency)
Display OLED Display to display the actual measurement valuesLEDs to display ALARMs and RUN
LAN 10/100 Mbit LAN connection (IEEE 802.3), integrated web-Server
SNMP – Data Interfaces SNMP/V2 (write/read) and SNMP TrapsXML Data-export for measured values
Power supply 100-240VAC, power consumption approx. 4W, supply of PDU 1+2 with IEC-connector type C20/16A
PDU Connection (Power Distribution Unit) 2 separate PDU with 4 IEC power outlets (C13/10A) per PDU with strain reliefs, maximum power consumption 7.200VA with 3.600VA each for PDU-1/2PDU-1 and PDU-2 separately switchable with timer- and reset-function
Measurement accuracy Voltage (RMS 90-260V) +/- 1%Current (RMS 0,002-12A) +/- 1%Active power (1.5-2.760W) +/- 1%
Protection PDU 1/2 4 pcs. 10A micro fuse (5x20mm), time-lag – TH 250V with extinguishant
Casing IT-Rack 1 U (44mm), mounting brackets for front and rear, Dimensions: 418 x 165 x 44 mm (16.45 x 6.49 x 1.73 in), Weight: 1.25 kg (2.75 lbs)
Environmental conditions Temperature 0 – 45°C / 32 – 113°F, Humidity 5-95%, not condensing
Content of delivery 2 pcs. IEC power cable with 3m (Type: C20/C19), 19“ mounting-brackets
Accessories Leakage sensor (KLS02P)
Approvals CE

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