The complete package…

With the CompleteSet-BASIC you will get a complete package for quick entry into the innovative safety technology by Kentix.
The CompleteSet-BASIC contains everything you need to monitor a server room and can be extended at any time.
They generally accept as the basis for any new project is always a CompleteSet, and shall include all required basic components.

The CompleteSet-BASIC 1 includes:

  • 1 AlarmManager-BASIC with power supply
  • 1 MultiSensor-RF
  • 1 Modular cabel 10m
  • 1 Patch cabel 3m

The CompleteSet-BASIC 2 includes:

  • 1 AlarmManager-BASIC with power supply and mounting bracket
  • 2 MultiSensor-RF
  • 1 KeyPad
  • 1 Power Adapter with power supply
  • 2 Modular cabel 5/10m
  • 1 Patch cabel 3m

Technical Data

  • Build in web-server
  • Smartphone APP available
  • Management and control for up to 10 MultiSensor-RF
  • Up to 10 user accounts
  • SMS / e-mail / SNMP alerting
  • Update to AlarmManager-PRO possible
  • Kentix Products Datasheet

sms-email humidity-EN
snmp dew-point-EN
lan-poe fire-EN
buzzer motion-EN
gsm-inside ext-in-out
monitoring vibration