AES Power Monitors, like The EDGE, offer options for organizations of any size. You can remotely monitor and manage a single uninterruptible power system (UPS), an enterprise-wide network of many UPSs and power distribution devices, or a complete IT support infrastructure, including generators, environmental systems and detection devices, and other components from multiple vendors.

[info]The Right Meter.[/info]

With the right power monitoring system, such as with The EDGE, your organization can protect data and applications while optimizing the power delivery infrastructure for efficiency and lower cost. New supervisory, connectivity and protection capabilities provide an envelope of protection for your entire power infrastructure. With a real-time, unified view of power and facilities systems, organizations can:

  • Proactively manage power quality to enhance the availability and service life of IT equipment.
  • Dynamically provision servers to respond to changing energy conditions.
  • Intelligently balance workloads to optimize energy usage and control costs.
  • Identify ways to improve data center energy efficiency and power usage effectiveness.
  • Provide chargebacks to users based on the actual energy consumption of their IT services.


  • 24 ports capable of reading 0-10 VDC for high-resolution sensor monitoring
  • 24 ports capable of reading 0-10 VDC for high-resolution sensor monitoring
  • 24 (pluggable/removable/screw) 4-pin Phoenix connectors for installation (1-24VDC out, 2-Gnd, 3-Input+, 4-Input-)
  • Provide 24 VDC up to 2 Amps for sensors requiring excitation voltage of 24 VDC if not require just connect sensors to  Phoenix connector 3-Input+ and 4-Input – only
  • USB port for local simple management and RS485 for remote simple management via Modbus
    1. Configure device for different type of sensors
    2. Configure Com port parameters
    3. Name device, channel name, and comments
    4. Read and monitor all channels• RS485 Modbus RTU chainable up to 32 devices (Modbus addressable)
  • Capable of reading analog voltages at 15 samples per second with 16-Bit resolution• Dimensions L x W x H (17” x 7.87” x 1.73”)


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