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Tanja Lewit
Founder & CEO

Tanja is the driving force behind Alternate Energy Source. Utilizing her 20+ years experience in the electrical component, panel & measuring industry, Tanja has branched out to provide; an Elite group of new technology products and services for Energy Conservation, cutting Energy Costs, and achieving Energy Independence.

Perry Trach
Advisory Board

Perry Trach brings over 20 years Enterprise Data Center experience and business development to the table. More specifically, Perry has a broad spectrum of knowledge in Business Process Re-engineering, Software and Hardware for the Data center, application development, networking and storage just to mention a few. For the past 10 years Perry has had more of a concentration in the realm of “Cloud” based solutions. He has a deep understanding of Converged Infrastructure and all aspect of Virtualization and there inherent benefits.

Perry holds an MBA in Finance from Loyola University, Chicago.

Adam Zuidema
Creative Team

Adam comes to us from Gravity DesignWorks, Inc. Adam handles all of our creative needs such as the website, data sheets, product brochures and anything else you could think of to promote a business visually.

Robert D. Weerts
Advisory Board

Bob attended school both in Winnebago, MN and Tucson, AZ, graduating from Amphi High School in Tucson, AZ in 1970. He and his wife, Jenifer, have three grown children and 5 grandchildren.

Bob is the owner and operator of Weerts Construction, Inc. Founded in 1973, Weerts Construction, Inc. does roadside seeding and sodding. Primarily serving as a subcontractor, they perform various types of turf restoration and erosion control on county, state and federal highway projects. Additional services include site grading, excavation, blacktopping, sand and gravel hauling.

Established in 1987, Blue Valley Sod, Inc. has grown to include 2 divisions (Winnebago and Aitkin) within Minnesota as well as a retail location in North Mankato. Producing quality bluegrass sod for both commercial landscapers and homeowners, they serve the upper Midwest.

Bob is also owner and operator of the Shell Food Mart, located in Blue Earth. This was a return to the convenience store industry as Bob formerly owned the Winnie Mart stores in Martin and Faribault counties from 1982 to 1996.

In addition to these business ventures, Bob is or has been involved in the following committees/organizations – Turfgrass Producers International Board, board member and 24% stockholder of financial institution, Winnebago City Council member, Faribault County Futures, South Highway 169 Improvement Association, former President and board member of Corn Plus. His most recent appointment to the Board of Directors to the International Green Energy Council has facilitated his establishment of Green Photon Power.

Mr. Weerts many years of experience in the development industry give him a keen insight as the future role of Biomass and Waste To Energy technologies in a World of growing populations and increased waste streams.

Derek Avallone
Advisory Board

Derek M. Avallone is committed to educate and encourage people to embrace renewable energy production and sustainable building and design practices, as well as be a voice of reason to organizations on behalf of better environmental stewardship. He travels throughout the world, promoting his initiatives, while discussing sustainability and the environment.

He holds a B.S. in Economics and an MBA in Business Management for International Relations. Mr. Avallone strives to find resources for financing and funding for Green Energy projects. He also nourishes and promotes methods to develop a means for everyone to participate in the production of alternative/renewable energy and create a new "green collar" job sector worldwide. Mr. Avallone has developed and marketed several business ventures which are still successful and profitable to this day. Mr. Avallone is recognized as a profitable and successful Wall Street investor, inventor, educator and business developer. His ideas and ventures have helped himself and others to achieve success. His genuine interest in the education and betterment of others has gained him the respect of many people around the globe, as well as those who have been involved with him in the private sector. Mr. Avallone had served as CFO of the Green Energy Council in Washington D.C. Afterwards he served as President of Emerging Technologies for the International Green Energy Council. Presently, he is Chairman of NESA, the National Energy Security Agency LLC, CEO of SRMI, Strategic Resource Management International LLC, COO of AIRE, American Indian Renewable Energy LLC. Mr. Avallone has offered his expertise and knowledge in the area of expanding many a foreign governments' base of knowledge in the areas of alternative/renewable energy and Global Green Initiatives. His experience on Capitol Hill with the Green Energy Council, the International Green Energy Council, the National Energy Security Agency, the World Bank, and the U.N. has opened many doors.

Katrin M. Mehler
Advisory Board

Katrin Mehler is the dynamic, solutions-oriented president of LUXADD LLC, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of efficient lighting technology. Ms. Mehler oversees the daily operations of the company, including strategic planning, business development, client relations, human resources and sales management.

Ms. Mehler, who holds a master’s degree in business engineering from Stuttgart Media University, has more than two decades of experience in the financial and technology industries. Before taking on her current role with LUXADD, Ms. Mehler filled a number of key positions with leading companies, including serving as the director of corporate communications at VIVA Media AG and the head of marketing and PR at Daimler. A certified financial officer, Ms. Mehler is a prominent member of several professional organizations, including the Miami Greater Chamber of Commerce, the United States Green Building Council and the National Green Energy Council. During her long career she has earned a reputation as a marketing and public relations expert.

When Ms. Mehler is away from the office she enjoys running, skiing, and spending time with her family.