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Our Team is  Committed to Partnering for Success
We offer consulting and support services considering all aspects of cyber security,  energy efficiency, and remote infrastructure management of critical areas

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Alternate E Source  provides Smart Building Products and Risk Mitigation  Services . We work with partners to deliver client success.
We offer smart web based technologies- that monitor, manage, and secure critical facilities. 

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Alternate E Source is a certified WBE DBE and small business enterprise. We offer expertise in smart monitoring of facilities to provide cost savings, energy efficiency and enhanced security.

We specialize in IoT  (Internet of Things) device deployments with         real time live video alerting and working with clients in digital transformation of legacy infrastructure and facilities.  

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Alternate E Source provides unique solutions in smart technologies for the growing challenge of energy management . enhanced security and operational savings. As virtual cloud applications increase, so does dependency on physical networks, servers, and energy sources. Whether a network and equipment center is remote or in-house, reliable power and security are Paramount. Preventative measures are far more cost effective than disaster recovery.

With a select team of industry partners that extend best practices  AlternateEsource achieves convenience for our clients, with innovation: lighting, wireless, and mobile app. web based smart technologies.

We provide mission critical service and support with dedication

Contact us  973-398-3835.

Proven, Web Based Technology -
Improve Maintenance & Operations, Enhance Security , Be Securely Connected To Critical Facilities Anytime.

We provide expertise in risk mitigation, efficiency , and security.


$675.00 – $945.00

We just launched our IP Wall Reader in October, featuring an illuminated touch-pin-pad. Opening doors is only possible with sufficient authorization and IP cameras can be integrated in order to increase physical security on the premises. 

Capture video recordings with every opening and closing of a door automatically .

IOT Edge Technology

It is important to consider all aspects of  efficiency, risk, easy management of critical areas without compromising enhanced physical security and end to end cyber security


The demand for Data and Connectivity is growing, as is the demand for Security, Risk Mitigation, and Operational Efficiency along with saving OPEX. Data and what it serves is now Mission Critical, for everyone and so are the solutions Alternate E Source can provide. Today every business is a digital business.


7×24 Monitoring and new Edge Power Devices to offer power management , physical and network security, and ensure up-time. Providing the tools for Energy Management, Security, & Protection.

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