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Our Team is  Committed to Partnering for Success with our clients
and offers full consulting and support services of your IT, network equipment, and high value rooms and facilities. 

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 Smart Building solutions can deliver excellence in  facility management.With” smart tools” we can save operating costs and above all,  increase uptime compliance. 

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Alternate E Source is a certified WBE DBE and small business enterprise.

With our DCEP Data Center Energy Certification, we understand your energy challenges  and we practice Department of Energy initiatives.

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DOE DCEP Certification

As  cloud applications increase, so does dependency on physical networks, servers, and energy sources.

Whether a network and equipment center is remote or in-house, reliable power and security are paramount.  Preventative measures as a result of using smarter tools  becomes more cost effective than disaster recovery.

Trusted Partners

With a select team of industry partners and services AlternateEsource achieves convenience for clients with innovation:

  • Providing IoT monitoring tools that service your compliance
  • Rapid response teams for smart hands work  as you require
  • Creation of an IoT roadmap and experience to work with you on application success.

Contact us  973-398-3835.

Proven, Web Based Technology -
Improves Maintenance & Operations - Enhances Security

We provide expertise in risk mitigation, efficiency , and security.


$675.00 – $945.00

Our IP Wall Reader features smart access that you control.

Most noteworthy 

  • Program for a time window of your choice-no restrictions
  • Add 2 and 3 factor authentication   
  • Capture live video recordings with every opening and closing of a door automatically . 

IOT Edge Technology

What do you need to consider?

Most importantly; quick deployments and ease of management, with 7×24 real time reporting of critical areas via snmp, mobile, and email. Our smart devices can process, store, and send information as required .


Growing connectivity demands

Because our  demand for Data and Connectivity is growing,  requirements of Compliance, Security, Risk Mitigation, and Operational Efficiency are growing. By using “smart sentry devices”  Ensuring Uptime and preventing loss becomes easy to manage, and at a cost savings.


Smart means compliance

“smart tools for smart buildings”  offers a new better way of Uptime support, while capturing events and graphing thermal conditions . Environmental monitoring  now goes beyond just temperature and humidity , as our smart multi-sensors  “look ” at smoke, fire, motion, power,  with data logging and event driven alerts with video.

As a result, having eyes on the situation immediately  allows quick resolution.

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