360° view for server rooms and all critical systems

Over 50% of IT system failures are caused by technical failure or are due to human error. IT systems today run all critical business processes. Failures can cause high costs and business loss. Early detection and  direct reporting of threats is critical to avoid damage, especially since today compliance requirements demand appropriate precautions and actions.
The use of a monitoring system for critical threats such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, power, movement and more, is part of the basic equipment of every IT environment – whether in a small server room, a data center or in a distributed infrastructure.

Important for distributed infrastructure 
  • Industry Sites
    Air conditioning systems, UPS systems and more can be monitored for functionality in real time
  • Servers in your network are monitored permanently for availability by the AlarmManager
  • The ingenious Kentix MultiSensor technology monitors all critical threats in your rooms
  • All important messages are forwarded to the responsible persons immediately- Risk mitigation
  • Do you own a fit-bit? Monitoring your health and well being has become the new norm , and simply by wearing a band.

Consider Kentix the fit-bit for your server room, monitoring the health of your equipment 7×24.

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