About Us

As our capabilities include professional digital transformation- we make IOT smart buildings from legacy services and facilities.

  • Energy Assessments -we follow DOE Standards and best practices
  • Remote Hands we provide a team of IBM trained techs
  • Digital Upgrade-we can take your existing legacy systems to  network easily

IOT Smart Building Systems deliver Compliance, Security, Uptime

By using networked devices we can make buildings smarter. Internet  web based “room monitors” provide real time reporting, and full documentation of all events. We feature mobile alerting with video feed, while continuously logging. Secured remote access is available at anytime, and as a result status of remote areas is in your pocket.

Let us assist with your roadmap to successful IoT implementation

Risk Mitigation

Loss Prevention

Equipment Remediation

IP  Video management

Remote Facilities Management

Alternate E Source New York Office

Alternate E Source/ Kentix US

60 Prospect Avenue
Third Floor Suite 15
Middletown, NY 10940

Because we are experienced in  Mobile App and IoT technology deployments and have over 9 years in maintaining the integrity of mission critical equipment, and IT networks; we can assist in every aspect of application.