Smart Web Based technologies that offer cost savings, enhanced security , instant alerting for Risk Mitigation

The line up new technology hardware devices and products that are easy to deploy that manage the risks to environments in all Consideration- environment, climate, smoke and fire, power conditions, energy management, and security.

Alternate E Source is a woman owned and operated small business enterprise. The leadership and network affiliations, along with long standing technology partnerships- support our capabilities in providing the solutions here listed. Over 15 years of Power and Energy management and manufacturing of power instrumentation, both AC and DC systems, SCADA systems -specialty DC. Verticals served previously are Transit, Government, Utility, Military, Banking and Finance, and recently IT Infrastructure. Please ask how you can join our team!

Alternate E Source provides best practices in deployments of web based technologies. We are a leader in applications of technologies in the new IoT Frontier. Our mission is to provide management tools, monitoring systems, that are simple to deploy –improve facilities maintenance and operations while being cost effective. Specific devices below offer additional capabilities of monitoring power, for best resolution for energy cost reductions, with including over all physical security and risk mitigation. We service a new holistic approach to Risk Mitigation and can easily tie in these systems to an overall IoT Platform for digital transformation.

Alternate E Source partners with solution experts in various verticals to deliver excellence in service to operations and critical facilities.

We partner with service providers in providing  turnkey systems, and enhancing service to IT and Industrial equipment, enhancing security, incorporating legacy systems to cloud and network platforms, overall risk mitigation to keep business operations secured, efficient and cost effective .

Environmental Monitoring with Physical Security

Alternate is a Technology Partner with AXIS Communications- we support full product line integrations as well as AXIS has equipped their own facilities (IT rooms and Security areas) with our smart systems.

Together we offer:  Live Video Alerting of Critical Events

Alternate is a Technology Partner with Blue Ridge Networks offering end to end security for critical remote operations.

Alternate is a Technology Partner with ORing to provided unique IoT application success in new web based offerings .

Alternate partners with various expertise in mission critical to deliver new ways of legacy systems to network ease of management.

Contact us for a  confidential discussion of  delivered application success.

Alternate E Source New York Office

Alternate E Source/ Kentix US

60 Prospect Avenue
Third Floor Suite 15
Middletown, NY 10940
This landmark facility has a total of approximately 375,000 square feet of space on 15.42 spectacular acres
overlooking the City of Middletown and the Town of Wallkill, NY.

Experience in  Mobile App and IoT technology deployments for over 7 years in maintaining the integrity of mission critical equipment, and IT networks.

Utilizing Smart Building and Smart Security with real time reporting , fully documenting all events, with video feed, and secured remote access at anytime provides for the best solution to for risk mitigation.

For over 7 years, Alternate Energy Source has provided unique solutions for the growing challenge of energy management and data integrity within Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

As the use of virtual cloud storage increases, so does the dependency on physical networks, servers, and energy sources.

Regardless if a data center is remote or in-house, reliable power and security are the linchpins on which everything hinges.

Because preventative measures are far more cost effective than disaster recovery, the key benefit set of all AlternateEsource’s product offerings is to monitor, manage, protect and secure.

With a team of industry partners, AlternateEsource achieves energy and data center efficiencies with innovative lighting, wireless technology, and green initiatives.