eyes ears and nose alert with video

AXIS IP Camera Integration Included- Alerting to Phone with Video

Alerting with Video to Phone

What is important for you to know about? Is it everyone coming through the door ? Is it high level of smoke in your conference room ? Why is the temperature so high ?

Did the control room take on water?


See it ALL- Video capture on Equipment Alerts and Door Actions!


Why network video?

> Easy, future-proof integration

> Scale-ability and flexibility

> Cost-effectiveness

> Distributed intelligence

> Proven technology

Why Axis?

> Worldwide #1 in network video, the world’s leading expert

> Proven installations across all continents

> Broadest product portfolio in the industry

> The largest installed base of network video products

> Over 30 years of networking excellence




Building Security

IT Security

Server Room Monitoring

Monitoring Mission-Critical Infrastructures

Monitoring Container Data Centers

Integration of Network Monitoring

Unmanned Fiber and Telco Sites

Access Control For Office and Industry

Monitoring of Industrial Sites

Hospital and Healthcare

Office Monitoring




                                   AXIS IP Cameras – Integration Included

Axis cameras across the range can be utilized. Models have been calibrated for easier setup and installation. We assist you with the rest.

Add AXIS Camera to trigger with motion on all smart sensors, see remotely who is in the room

Add AXIS Camera to an Access point, and have a capture video stream of all who come in and come out.


Video stream capture is retained in smart dashboard log!

Video is stored to SD card, and downloaded to storage; or can be kept safe and secure in our Kentix 360 Cloud.

System integration

Simply add IP of AXIS device to the Alarm Manager or Access Point. Camera trigger auto loads.

Supported hardware & software

Kentix Alarm Manager Pro can accept up to 25 IP Cameras. Easy to add through Control Center

Software, nothing further required.

The Kentix Access point also accepts AXIS IP camera info as a direct integration, and allows assignment to one or multiple doors. A Video stream is captured every time the door is opened, or “booked”.


New AXIS cameras models can always be provided if not all ready installed. SD Card of 8mg or more required for Kentix Access point.

System/Network requirements

Windows 7/8/10   Mac OS 10.10 and higher






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