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HealthSaaS in Partnership with Alternate E Source Delivers Remote Patient Monitoring

Alternate E Source has partnered with HealthSaaS to deliver Remote Patient Monitoring with IoT devices

and  the Intel® Health Application Platform


Cognitive Patient Monitoring Platform-IoT Remote Monitoring

  The simplifying of data collection and analytics for outcome-based healthcare

HealthSaaS is a thought leader in healthcare interoperability solutions that enable meaningful exchange of patient-driven data. The HealthSaaS Cognitive Patient Monitoring Platform* combines sophisticated technology with simplicity and ease of use for patient and provider populations.

Its cloud‐based IoT services, powered by Microsoft Azure* and based on the Intel® Health Application Platform and Flex* Edge Compute Engine, are designed to meet the specific requirements of health IT companies, clinicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and home health organizations. The result is a secure, vendor‐neutral infrastructure that provides just-in-time data to facilitate interventions and reduce readmissions for the chronic condition patient.

“At HealthSaaS, we have a genuine curiosity that inspires us to think differently. We exist to challenge the status quo and are driven by a sense of purpose to empower every segment of the healthcare industry.”

Frank Ille -CEO HealthSaaS

US spending on healthcare accounts for nearly 18 percent of the GDP.2 Chronic conditions—such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, COPD, and asthma—are rapidly accelerating. These chronic conditions are responsible for more than 86 percent of the annual spend on healthcare.3 Patients frequently suffer from multiple diseases resulting in complex treatment and medication profiles from multiple caregivers. In addition, a move toward value-based care provided by accountable care organizations (ACOs) is reshaping healthcare as providers seek to close gaps in care coordination and reach underserved populations. Success is directly linked to limiting lost revenue from unnecessary ER visits and avoidable hospital readmissions.

The HealthSaaS Cognitive Patient Monitoring Platform technologies collect clinical data from patients’ prescribed devices and then transmit the information to clinicians for clinical review, patient interventions, and education. Widespread deployment of the technology may result in considerable cost savings due to decreased readmissions to hospitals, avoidance of unnecessary visits to physicians, enhanced medication compliance, and improved communication between patients and clinicians.
Health organizations are leveraging telehealth for post discharge care including medication adherence, follow up visits, and late-night and weekend care. The HealthSaaS platform is an easy-to-use, home-based IoT monitoring solution for patients who have chronic or critical medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, COPD, and asthma.
The platform easily integrates with connected devices used for home healthcare, including blood pressure monitors, activity trackers, pillboxes, pulse oximeters, and scales measuring both weight and body fat.

HealthSaaS integration of AkēLex* cognitive computing tools adds the ability to incorporate complex effects of past history, medications, labs, and more into the generation of alerts and secure messages. In place of simple threshold messaging, it offers nuanced, tailored messaging covering a broad range of clinical behaviors, and provides the clinician the relevant literature-based rationale.
When a potential problem pattern is detected, the AkēLex system can provide directed questions aimed at elimination of false positive responses or collect a more detailed data set to enhance clinician decision-making. This reduces alert fatigue by lowering the dependence on simple scalar thresholds for messaging and providing complete transparency about the cause for the alert or message.

HealthSaaS connects previously siloed data from multiple devices and systems to provide unified, clinically relevant data to clinicians and payers. Data from home monitoring devices is secured and filtered using the Intel Health Application Platform software and transmitted to HealthSaaS portals or other cloud-based services. Device data is collected, stored, and forwarded in near real time, without requiring patients to do anything but use their physician-recommended devices. The data is parsed and displayed visually to simplify patient access and speed clinician decision-making.

How It Works in Brief-

For the cloud-

The HealthSaaS platform is developed and built using Microsoft .NET* tools and hosted on Microsoft Azure. This simplifies implementation for healthcare organizations while providing benefits, including:

• Control for healthcare organizations of their sensitive data at all times
• Physical, administrative, and technical safeguards to assist covered entities with HIPAA compliance requirements via Microsoft online services and data centers
• Data center certification for SAS 70 Type II, FISMA, and ISO 27001, with audits by independent, third-party security organizations

At the edge-

The platform transmits Bluetooth* and BLE data from patient devices through phones, tablets, and the Intel IoT healthcare reference platform to HealthSaaS portals or other cloud-based services. The solution supports connectivity with multiple device manufacturers and is biometric device and manufacturer agnostic. It is also smart device agnostic, supporting Android, Apple*, and Microsoft phones and tablets.

Remote Patient Platform
HealthSaaS and Alternate E Source RPM guide – Remote patient monitoring helps reduce heart failure readmissions by up to 50 %

HealthSaaS is more than a connectivity platform for healthcare. With a passionate commitment to improve home healthcare, reduce patient suffering, and save lives, the company is continually developing new strategies and services to support the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. These include data relay services for health IT companies, device prescribing, asset tracking, predictive analytics, and award-winning medication management services.

About HealthSaaS

The HealthSaaS vision is to inspire optimism and hope for chronic condition patients and the clinicians who serve them. From chronic disease management to health and wellness programs, this vision allows HealthSaaS to create solutions that enhance healthcare provider efficiencies, track outcomes, and improve the quality of life for patients throughout the continuum of care. In addition to its portfolio of services for healthcare organizations, researchers, and clinicians, HealthSaaS offers patent-pending technology for device prescribing, pairing, asset tracking, and full access-controlled integrated data presentation to any permutation of available clinicians.

About Alternate E Source

Partnering for success in IoT
We partner with companies to deliver successful IoT smart sensor solutions and focus on deploying remote systems that provide enhanced support in monitoring for a variety of applications. We have focused on Healthcare to provide new technology for a changing world and to offer solutions that enable and enhance patient care from the comfort of their homes.


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