ChiliRack – A New Direction in Air-Flow Technologies

Revolutionizing Data Center Cooling:

The ChilliRack Solution


Efficiency Challenges in Traditional Air-Cooling Systems

For years, data centers have grappled with two major challenges in air-cooling:
1. Overburdened Internal Fans: The heat generated within servers often overwhelms the built-in fans.
2. Inefficient Room-Based Cooling: This approach leads to uneven intake temperatures and hotspots, significantly reducing cooling efficiency.

As experts in intelligent sensor technology, we’ve gathered compelling data that highlights the shortcomings of traditional cooling methods, particularly in managing thermal intake issues and hotspots.

The Limitations of Legacy Cooling

Conventional room-based cooling methods mix hot exhaust with cold air from Cooling, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning (CRAC) units, leading to uneven and often higher intake temperatures for IT equipment. This inconsistency strains internal fans and adversely affects server performance, reliability, and lifespan.

Introducing ChilliRack: A Breakthrough in Air-Cooling Technology

While many have shifted focus away from air-cooling due to its perceived limitations, ChilliRack has tapped into its untapped potential. Years of research and development, resulting in numerous patents, have led to a sophisticated air-cooling solution that effectively addresses the higher heat levels in modern data centers.

The Basics of ChilliRack Technology
At its core, ChilliRack introduces cold air directly into the server rack, sourced from below or overhead AC plenums. This process, enhanced by a powerful intake fan and rapid hot air removal, significantly lowers server temperatures and maintains optimal conditions more reliably than traditional methods.

ChilliRack’s Impact
• Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: ChilliRack’s precision cooling dramatically reduces costs and power consumption.
• Optimal Server Performance: By maintaining lower temperatures, ChilliRack extends server life expectancy and minimizes failure risks.
• Full Rack Utilization: With ChilliRack, data centers can maximize server capacity, potentially doubling the amount of equipment supported.
• Cost-Effective Solution: ChilliRack offers a quick return on investment (ROI), making it an economically viable option for a wide range of data center applications.

ChilliRack Use Cases

ChilliRack is an ideal solution for the following:

• Data center owners with limited space.
• Colocation and cloud service providers looking to optimize their facilities.
• Businesses seeking a sustainable, efficient cooling solution.

Sustainability and Future Growth
ChilliRack not only addresses current cooling challenges but also lays the groundwork for future advancements. It’s a scalable solution that aligns with sustainability goals and adapts to the evolving demands of edge computing and other emerging data center needs. Best of al it is a solution meant for the thousands of server racks within legacy rooms, that range 4-7kW in size; which satisfies the bulk of the digital business community.

Smart Sensors by Alternate E Source
Complementing ChilliRack, our smart sensors offer risk mitigation and operational efficiency. These sensors streamline remote management and automate processes, significantly reducing costs and enhancing security. we offer real time detection of the probability of fire, before it occurs, instant alerting on connectivity or power loss, air quality monitoring and smart building automation.




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