Pan Cloud Director

The PAN Cloud Director Solution

PAN Cloud Director makes it simple to design, request, provision and manage IT as a service. The software is a complete lifecycle management product that provides end users an easy way to request and consume IT. The drag and drop design palette provides an intuitive interfaces that provides users with real time and transparent pricing.
In addition PAN Cloud Director delivers administrators a means to manage, track and bill for services while the data center operators can use the product to build and protect the infrastructure hosting these services.

Unlike other products, PAN Cloud Director is hypervisor agnostic (supports VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and KVM) and is the only product in the market that provides lifecycle management for both physical and virtual resources—enabling clouds consisting of a mix of both bare metal and virtual resources.
PAN Cloud Director, through its integration with PAN Manager, also provides HA and DR automation that ensures mission critical applications meet the availability, capacity and response time service levels required by the business.

PAN Cloud Director will enable you to deploy an enterprise class Cloud Platform
• Choose from a catalog of “raw”, bare metal server resources
• Construct computing solutions composed of both “native” servers and virtual servers
• Offer end users business continuity choices —from high availability to disaster
recovery —for “native” or virtual servers
• Deliver an enterprise class cloud with confidence and dependability
• Utilize integrated resource tracking for transparent chargeback and billing

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