PAN Manager

The PAN Manager™ Solution

Our flagship product, PAN Manager, enables IT to provision, manage, protect and automate your IT infrastructure. The software provides powerful management and policy-based automation so that IT can automate routine management task, empower the IT staff and improve the service levels delivered back to the business
Based on the Processing Area Network (PAN) concept, Egenera software products simplify data center infrastructure and management by pooling compute, I/O, network and storage resources. The system’s embedded server profile creation, HA and DR facilities ensure a wire-once, always-on environment that supports both virtualized as well as native operating environments.
Our unique approach works by abstracting the IT infrastructure to create manageable resource pools of servers, I/O, networking, and storage. Egenera holds a number of patents in these and other areas.
PAN Manager is used in production at thousands of customer sites globally, delivering massive efficiencies while dramatically lowering both capital and operational costs. The product is certified on every major blade server platform and is compatible with all leading SAN vendors.

Key features include:
• Support for standard Networking and Storage
• Secure Partitioning / Multi-tenancy
• Flexible, On-Demand Capacity
• Verifiable Disaster Recovery
• High Availability & Failover
• “Lights Out” Management
• Open Platform Choice
• Reduced Complexity

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