Edge Data Center Complete Protection- smart sensors save costs at the edge

Edge Data Centers save up to 66% of your expenses with our IoT system


Smart Sensors save costs in remote operations of edge data centers.

24 x 7x 365 complete monitoring of  branched and distributed infrastructure is an important part for companies to ensure their operation and uptime compliance.

The   “Smart” MultiSensor technology monitors all important parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, voltage, movement and so much more with an IoT system that offers insights on all equipment of IT infrastructure – no matter whether it is a small data center, repeater station or distributed remote containers.

Continuous 7×24 resolution of continuous data and event collection allows you to know now – and plan for next

Cost-effective solution

With web based smart system solutions, individual systems can be replaced or enhanced with significant savings achieved.

Case studies show that large carriers have reduced investment and operational costs by up to 2/3. Further, false alarms and unnecessary journeys have been drastically reduced.

Hazards in the Container Data Center

  • 50% of failures are due to technical defects or human error -Keep people out!

  • Time-consuming and cost-intensive restoration work-Know before!

  • Physical threats that not only threaten your IT

  • Increased risk due to lack of being present

Integrated Systems

  • Real time monitoring of air conditioners and UPS systems

  • Permanent availability check of the servers

  • Complete hazard monitoring thanks to ingenious Kentix MultiSensor® technology

  • Immediate forwarding of all messages to responsible persons

Smart IoT systems allow you to work smarter, not harder – establish a new remote task force and mitigate risks as they arise

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