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–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For over ten years, Alternate Energy Source has provided unique solutions for the growing challenge of energy management and data integrity within Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). As the use of virtual cloud storage increases, so does the dependency on physical networks, servers, and energy sources.

Regardless if a data center is remote or in-house, reliable power and security are the linchpins on which everything hinges. Because preventative measures are far more cost effective than disaster recovery, the key benefit set of all AlternateEsource’s product offerings is to monitor, manage, protect and secure. With a team of industry partners, AlternateEsource achieves energy and data center efficiencies with innovative lighting, wireless technology, and green initiatives. Service and support are as mission critical; warranties, product education and a dedicated telephone hotline enable customers to fully realize energy conservation and data security. For more information, please visit, or call 1 973-600-5170.


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