Remote Monitoring – Elite Pro Ethernet – Easy Power Analysis

The Reason Why…

Most companies want to decrease their energy consumption, either for financial reasons, or to be active in reducing their carbon footprint, or both—but some of them aren’t sure where to begin. When the only measure of a facility’s energy usage is the bill customers receive at the end of the month, they may feel their facility is more like the proverbial black hole: power goes in, business happens inside, but it’s not clear exactly how much energy is used where and when. Factory owners may want to know where the heavy usage is inside their plant—how much consumption is used to operate compressors, chillers, pumps, lighting, etc. Office building owners may want to break out the energy consumed in their HVAC vs. lighting systems.

Performing energy management requires the right tool!
Alternate Energy Source offers the preferred tool among energy professionals. For energy management you must first know consumption. The Elite Pro is a dependable, easy-to-use energy data logger for single and three phase electrical metering projects.

It is the complete solution for quantifying energy usage. Measure, store and analyze electrical consumption data from voltage and current inputs. Capture kWh/kW energy and demand data as well as all relevant energy parameters, for diagnostics,monitoring and energy management. Complete tool package including software communicates with Ethernet, WI-FI  and Bluetooth Configure as its own wifi hotspot and view real-time data using a wifi-enabled smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Wi-Fi power meter with real time data – Elite remote monitoring is a best in class toolkit.  

This meter is great for onsite energy trending and remote read. Because it is a quick in and out installation, elite pro meter offers power spot checks. Easily collect data and access via web!  Email your application!  

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