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PR: Alternate E Source Wall Street Call Release of SmartXcan

Alternate E Source Announces the Release of New SmartXcan

iCrowd Newswire – Alternate E Source, provider of Kentix IoT smart sensor technologies, announces the release of SmartXcan – state of the art fever detection system designed for accuracy, ease of use, and fast analysis.

Identification of Infected Persons is Crucial

Early stage detection is necessary to identify infected persons to permanently reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases (COVID-19, influenza, etc.) In the public domain the ability to better predict emerging geo-hotspots; can mitigate the spread of illnesses.

Persons who may not know they are infected are a danger to groups or public gathering. Collecting data in real time and utilizing an AI-supported analysis database ensures accurate and secured results.


Fever Measurement is the Most Effective Method

Fever is a useful screening tool for infections such as the corona virus. Any infection that is detected early can potentially save several lives.

Fever measurement plays an important role in the detection of potentially infected persons and is by far the most common initial diagnosis (according to WHO Report 2/2020: 87.9% for COVID-19).

Body temperature rises due to the increasing immune defense even before the onset of usual symptoms. Detection can usually be performed even at low virus infection levels.

One Simple Measure for Many Applications

In the realm of serving public safety, the SmartXcan can be integrated with electrically controlled access such as doors, gates, or turnstiles; and can perform automated or manual entrance.

In access points to crowded venues, the device can provide long term and sustainable protection against viral diseases. As we re-establish social and economic contacts, we can use this IoT technology to help restore confidence in public security.

The new SmartXcan is safe to use and features contactless body temperature measurement, with no touch contact contamination at all.  Offers privacy compliance in operations through individual self-measurements. The scan is extremely accurate as the germanium based thermal imaging calculates results using over 1000- points of measurement. The intelligent sensor technology can not be manipulated into a false reading. The scan is fast, less than 1 second and can process up to 700 persons/per hour. Live test – watch here.

The SmartXcan Sensor is supplied as a complete set.  A network connection with Power over Ethernet (PoE) is required. The integrated web server allows device access at any time by PC, tablet or smartphone. Alerting via email and SNMP is included. Configuration changes or updates are easily administered.  The SmartXcan can be used standalone or scaled to several hundred and managed as one system.

Applications include food processing, healthcare, arenas, transportation hubs, ports of entry, logistics. All Public buildings in general can utilize the SmartXcan to keep others safe, and alert to those who are unaware they have taken ill.

About Alternate E Source

Alternate E Source is committed to provide Smart Sensor Technology for Critical Applications, considering security, efficiency, and innovation.  We fully support our IoT solutions and have successful deployments throughout the US. The use of modern web IoT technology enables fast and easy system reporting and better insights for analysis and reporting.

Alternate E Source has expertise in the setup, installation and deployments as Kentix US partner please call us today to find out more (844) 536-8492 ( (844) KENTIX2 ) or (973) 398-3835. Office locations in New Jersey and New York.

About Kentix Gmbh   

Kentix is a manufacturer located in Idar-Oberstein Germany of high quality innovative smart sensor technology – the products include smart building security solutions for the physical security of business-critical infrastructures. The expanded product range includes IoT based SmartXcan, an effective contribution to the global COVID-19 crisis.

Contact Information:

(973) 398-3835
(844) 536-8492


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