Alternate E Source IOT and Compliance

Innovation is the Core of Client Success

Innovation is the Core of Client Success


Compliance for clients is our focus


ASHRAE – ventilation standards have changed, and we offer expertise as web based smart HVAC and our pathogen mitigation program. Value is what our clients are receiving because we offer new approaches to air purification, air quality monitoring and overall building health. From the beginning planning to the execution and management, we ensure ROI on HVAC and Air Quality upgrades.  We look to engage with best practices of efficiency and planning, and can readily offer assistance with rebate programs.

FDA– Coming from the Ag-IOT side, is our ability to feature air purification and overall monitoring with video stream. As examples, mitigating mold growth and alerting to threshold changes, ensures better food security and increased production of high value crops. Adding led lighting and software platforms for growth cycle management results in greater yields.

UPTIME -As consumption has increased at the rack, and personal are remote, web based multi-sensors that process, data log, alert and automate are key network and data center solution. From planning a 360 degree of physical smart security solution to the execution, we enable easy management. With integrated video alerting and logging, along with relay I/O action; automation is quickly enabled and adopted to control outcomes.

Layering with an open software platform, provides enhancements for facility operations that quickly respond as ROI. Secured -Efficient -Management solutions that give managers the operational data insights to saves costs and be ahead of Uptime.

Energy Efficiency is now a US mandate – and Alternate E Source can assist with Smart Metering


EFFICIENCY – Our January 11th meeting hosted by CEQ announced the Biden-Harris Administration “first-ever” Federal Building Performance Standard, setting an ambitious goal to cut energy use and electrify equipment and appliances in 30 percent of the building space owned by the Federal government by 2030. These actions are the latest step forward in pursuit of President Biden’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions in all Federal buildings by 2045.

As a complementary step, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a proposed rulemaking to electrify new Federal buildings and Federal buildings undergoing major renovations. These new actions will save taxpayer dollars by reducing energy use while cutting millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions, increasing resilience, strengthening U.S. energy independence, and growing the jobs of the future in America.

Additionally, the State of California announced it is joining the President’s National Building Performance Standard Coalition, a nationwide group of over 30 state and local governments that have committed to reducing the emissions footprint of existing buildings. With the addition of California to the coalition and the new Federal Building Performance Standard, one quarter of all commercial, Federal, and multifamily buildings in the United States are now either covered by or moving toward sustainable building performance standard policies.

Energy Efficiency Compliance is now a US mandate.

POWER – Energy Compliance is a US mandate, and we answer with Next Gen Smart Power management, and the release of several web-based devices for intelligent power management -data logging, alerting. Expertise and active in project deployments, we plan based on new accurate AI consumption metering, with machine learning ability for all aspects of facilities electrical panels and electrical systems.

As a result, adding renewables becomes cost effective by leveraging these same smart bi-directional power meters. Comparison between utility and facility is automated within our smart metering he solution. Energy management can be scaled with results feeding to a net zero management tool or building infrastructure management platform.  We assist by providing integrated “powerful packaged” solutions offering energy enhanced automation that creates sustainable ROI towards net zero goals.

SECURITY- Know your network, know where your people are. Know whether they are sick before entering, in our world we have graduated to deploying “smart security”’. It is important to realize how occupancy affects efficiency of Led Lighting, HVAC systems, and Air Quality. We begin with smart door access providing only authorized based on multiple criteria. For that reason, door access via a title, function, time allotment, or just a specified area only; is simple to manage. Likewise, with remote automation via sensors, it is easy to customize applications, and always include live video feed.

Alternate E Source offers solutions that go beyond basic physical security with data logging and alerting that can be tailored for occupancy monitoring -people, places-spaces.

For this reason, we deploy the big picture world in a secured one pane of glass view.

Improving operations and maintenance practices save money.

Our success is your success whichever compliance you require. From consulting and planning in the creation of a roadmap to implementation, we provide deployment and even management of solutions that take us into the next gen of new standards.


We thank our partners who support Alternate E Source in the manufacture our solutions, and delivery of intelligent IOT devices. We engage our Software Platform technology teams for continued innovation in Infrastructure management at every level. With success for all, we are grateful to our customers for their trust in our expertise to deliver long term results.


We are grateful to our customers for their trust in our expertise to deliver long term performance results.




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