Integration with EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure delivers virtual and cloud management through a single unified user interface

Egenera, a pioneer in physical, virtual and cloud management and automation, today announced that its Egenera Cloud Suite is now VSPEX Labs Validated. This designation is a result of Egenera Cloud Suite testing for functionality and compliance with EMC® VSPEX™, the simple, efficient and flexible cloud solution.

The incorporation of the Egenera software as part of EMC VSPEX allows organizations to provide self service, streamlined provisioning, high availability and disaster recovery services for physical or virtual servers and to build, manage and protect IT services running across virtual and cloud infrastructures.

“When it comes to the future of the cloud, EMC and Egenera share the same vision.  At the heart of that future are solutions built for simplicity, efficiency and flexibility in operations,” said Pete Manca, CEO at Egenera. “Our integration with EMC VSPEX brings that value to our customers, making improved service level and cloud enablement even simpler and easier.”

“EMC delivers choice for organizations that are ready to transform their IT and transition to the cloud efficiently and easily. VSPEX significantly reduces the time and cost associated with adopting cloud environments,” said Parmeet Chaddha, Vice President, Technology Solutions, EMC Corporation. “We look forward to expanding our VSPEX ecosystem to deliver increased value to our customers.”

Specifics of the Egenera VSPEX solution include:

  1. Unified VSPEX management for open and heterogeneous platform environments
  2. Automated provisioning and orchestration of the VSPEX environment including the compute, storage and network infrastructure
  3. Comprehensive monitoring, management and orchestration of the VSPEX solution through a single unified user interface
  4. An integrated self-service portal that allows for complete IT lifecycle management
  5. One click provisioning for VSPEX templates across virtual and cloud infrastructures
  6. Best in class resiliency and service level management through an integrated orchestration engine

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