IoT Security – New Technology for Internet Devices


Introducing a New Technology to Achieve the Required Security for Internet Connected Devices

IoT Security

The Solution

The convenience of smart sensors devices offer better facilities insights and collection of data in real time for analysis. Allowing devices to do their job while connected to the internet at all times provides this data. Alternate E Source has teamed with award winning Stratus Digital to provide the ultimate layer of security for IoT and internet connected devices.

The Paradigm Shift 

Stratus provides a paradigm-shifting solution by denying the cybercriminal both Time and Target. We do this by creating on-demand servers with fresh, transaction-specific software, at randomly assigned, unpredictable IP addresses.

Only the authorized transaction participants have access, with administrator accounts and privilege escalation risk being eliminated altogether. When the participant terminates the transaction, the transaction software is erased, the server is destroyed, and the IP address is retired. We ensure the attackers’ maximum potential dwell time drops from months to minutes.

        No territory remains for an attacker to exploit. Simply stated – there are no footprints in the sand.

Because the Stratus’ patented  technology protects the highest yielding attack vector: networked servers connecting authorized users with databases containing sensitive and high value data is secured and leave no trace.  Creating on-demand, short-lived servers at unpredictable locations with random IP addresses results in dramatically diminished internet exposure and significantly reduced risk.

In addition to helping manage risk, Stratus enables organizations to reduce the costs associated with technology and human resources.

Efficiency by Design

Technology costs are reduced by shifting from continuous servers to on-demand, short-lived servers. Human resources costs are reduced through increased efficiencies (existing security systems, such as alert dashboards, are significantly quieted, enabling a more focused, strategic and efficient use of personnel’s time).

Combining IoT smarts sensors with Alternate E Source award winning cyber strategy allows for the best in overall security of devices and platforms; operational efficiencies and the exploration of further new developments in network protection of IoT systems and solutions.


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