Is your Data Center Secure?

Considerations in security system design,  Security system design can be a complicated equation with many variables. While specific strategies for security system design are beyond the scope of this paper, any design will likely consider these issues:

• Cost of equipment

— Budget constraints ordinarily limit the extensive use of high-confidence identification equipment. The usual approach is to deploy a range of tech-niques appropriate to various security levels.

• Combining of technologies

— The reliability of identification at any level can be increased by combining lower-cost technologies, with the innermost level enjoying the combined protection of all the outer concentric perimeters that contain it.

• User acceptance

— (The “nuisance” factor). Ease of use and reliability of identification are important in preventing the system from becoming a source of frustration and a temptation for subversion.

• Scalability

— Can the design be implemented incrementally as necessity, funding, and confidence in the technology increase?

• Backwards compatibility

— Is the new design compatible with elements of an older system already in place? Keeping all or part of an existing system can significantly reduce deployment cost.


You can’t buy your way out, Even if expense were of no concern, blanketing the facility with highest security would, in most cases, be unacceptable intrusive and inconvenient. Each are to be protected must be realistically accessed for security needs based on what is in it and who needs access

  • Loss from damage or theft
  • Data loss or corruption
  • Damage to reputationor customer goodwill
  • Productivity loss during downtime
  • Initial cost of equipment
  • Maintenance of security equipment
  • Day-to-day inconvenience of security protocols
  • POTENTIAL LOSS from people being in the wrong place –keeping people out


Kentix offers a simple comprehensive one box solution,

  • cost effective,  all systems one box combines intrusion, physical and energy monitoring/alarming
  • Combines all security technologies
  • compatibility with existing systems , old and new
  • Easy  to expand., scalable


Easy to configure and install , with a  huge growing customer base of existing proven systems, Innovative Security. Monitor All critical threats. Kentix the Best in Class Solution!

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