Kentix 360° Wireless Security Solution Now Available in United States


Landing, NJ: Layers of software protect data on your desktop and internet security applications ward off viruses plus hackers. Yet, the “firewall” around the heart of your business, the data center, is literally made of porous sheetrock. Every time the door opens, a new set of threats can enter. Variations in ambiance  such as humidity and temperature can affect operations. Carbon monoxide from fire or water seepage invites disaster. Humans and energy are essential but just as dangerous; loss of power, sabotage or theft, will stop a business in its tracks. System reliability depends on safeguarding against all these possible combinations of hazards 24/7, 365 days a year.

Once cost prohibitive, the necessary level of on-premise protection is now available and affordable by even small or medium companies. Manufactured in Germany ( and used extensively in Europe since 2009, the Kentix Multisensor System is an IP based, turnkey, rack and server room monitoring solution. Instead of being a challenge, physical security can now be readily incorporated into any in-house IT infrastructure.

Engineered to be a completely wireless all-in-one system, an intelligent sensor detects environmental changes, burglary activity, fire, or unwanted access; this design simplicity eliminates redundant components plus streamlines installation and networking. The result is more accurate information, faster error reporting and immediate correction. With a hierarchy of Kentix offerings and multiple configuration options, inherent scalability is built in. Being cost effect is a given, because disaster recovery is far more expensive than any preventative measure.

Capable of interpreting very diverse input, the central Kentix Multisensor unit uses Ethernet and RF ZigBee® based transmitters to create a mesh network and achieves 360° room coverage. Unlike lesser systems that are video based, Kentix utilizes infrared motion detectors to detect unauthorized access. Cameras only record visual information; they must also be strategically placed to achieve proper coverage. But, video still requires manpower to constantly view it.  A Kentix system automatically reports atypical vibrations without need of human intervention. Gas, moisture, noise, temperature extremes, and energy surges are also reported.

An internal GSM modem enables the Kentix AlarmManager to message real time error conditions as SMS, Email, or SNMP traps. Messages are password protected; only authorized personnel can resolve each situation. A secure Kentix KeyPad can also arm or disarm the AlarmManager. A Kentix system not only sends warnings, it intervenes. External devices such as alarms, flashing lights, buzzers or sirens can be automatically engaged. Other next-step remedial actions are server dependant and user programmable.

Each component is a standalone unit with independent UPS battery-less backup; captured reports and settings are refreshed every five minutes to insure integrity. Video is also an option. With non-proprietary design and standard protocols like SNMP or OPC, a Kentix Multisensor is easily integrated into any SCADA or network monitoring system; it also meets DIN/EN 27000 requirements.

The global team at Kentix knows any data centric facility or mission critical application will benefit from the comprehensive security Kentix systems deliver. As a preferred distributor, AlternateESource (, offers unlimited individual customer support, a two year warranty and provides a dedicated factory hotline. Contact them directly at: 1 973-600-5170.

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