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Kentix Control Center – The latest software generation is available

Kentix provide with the ControlCenter the latest generation of software for an easy configuration and operation of our IT alarm systems for free. With this version we have simplified the handling again – this can be seein mainly in the new dashboard. Here you will identify critical system states now at a glance.

New features:

  • New and clear dashboard (web and desktop) with complete alarm summary
  • Product activation for AlarmManager-BASIC (2nd generation)
  • SNMP trap into SMS gateway makes the integration of external alarms extremly simple
  • Supports two external I/O-modules for up to 32 external alarms
  • VDS 2465 support for alarm notification to monitoring centers
  • New user management for up to 100 users
  • Automate the update process

New AlarmManager-BASIC – Exchange program


Since August we deliver the new version of the AlarmManager-BASIC. The following new features have been implemented:

  • Full E-mail support (SSL)
  • Full SNMP support
  • XML web-service
  • Support Kentix App (iOS + Android)
  • Web interface
  • Historic monitoring

The new Alarm-Manager BASIC can be upgraded to the PRO version via license key.


Promotion: The “old” AlarmManager-BASIC can be upgraded to an AlarmManager-PRO until 31. of December 2013. This hardware change will be offered for 300,- Euro + shipping costs.



Now available the Kentix app for Android

Android Robot Android App bei Google play From now on the AlarmManager-PRO and BASIC (new) users can use on Android enabled devices the new Kentix app for free. This app gives you a quick overview of all measured values and the alarm status. In addition, the app can be used for arming/disarming of the motion alarm.

Download Kentix Android app now!

Kentix launches Mac-Software

The client software of the AlarmManager is also available for Mac as OS X version. Therefore Kentix is with the app for mobile devices and the Mac software for workplace “Apple-Ready”. A Android version app is from 15th August 2013 also be available.
Now for: Windows, Mac-OS, Linux

The security dashboard in your pocket – new AlarmManager software supports iPhone App

The version 3.30 extends significantly the use of the AlarmManager-PRO. Immediately up to 30 separate alarm zones can be defined and switched separately armed/disarmed. The iPhone app delivers easy mobile control. In addition, up to 100 users can now be assigned to various alarm zones and equipped with different user rights. Along with the new MultiSensor-LAN-RF new applications arise:

  • Global IT Infrastructure
  • Monitoring of project rooms
  • Construction container
  • Technical and production areas

Following device are supported by the iPhone App: AlarmManager-PRO, MultiSensor-LAN, MultiSensor-RACK

Download now on the App Store!

Kentix MultiSensor-LAN-RF makes monitoring and management of distributed IT infrastructure easy

The new MultiSensor-LAN-RF additionally assumes the MultiSensor functionality of a radio repeater. So that all ZigBee ® powered Kentix radio devices can be used from the AlarmManager dashboard. The construction of distributed AlarmSystems will be greatly simplified.

In distributed facilities far from the AlarmManager the access can be controlled by the KeyPad and all other critical data can be monitored anywhere in the world.

Please open „how to“ for MultiSensor-LAN-RF (PDF)

Kentix unveils new MultiSensor-RACK
A small 19″ unit with MultiSensor-technology and intelligent PDU brings a new level of security to the IT rack

Kentix complements the product portfolio with a new MultiSensor, which now provides in addition to the monitoring and early threat detection of climate, fire and theft, additional functions as energy measurement and a PDU. This enables data centers, especially businesses and government agencies with IT infrastructure and server units to monitor all data very efficiently and determine the IT equipements energy consumption. The MultiSensor-RACK can be integrated into the Kentix system world and can be combined with the AlarmManager-PRO and other MultiSensors. As a stand-alone solution the system is running with a build-in web server. In this case the system alarms via email and SNMP. The switchable PDU of the MultiSensor-RACK has 12 IEC outlets with 16A redundant power supply.


Kentix presents digital I/O expansion-module for AlarmManager-PROKIO705x-1-newsletter

In server rooms and racks there are many of different system components, such as air conditioners, UPS systems and generators that have digital inputs and outputs to report the relevant system states. In addition to the already existing digital inputs and outputs of the AlarmManager or MultiSensor now you can connect further alarms with the digital expansion-module. The configuration of the module is easily in the software interface of the Kentix AlarmManager-PRO which provides the alarm alerting via SMS, e-mail or SNMP.


Kentix provide complete monitoring solution for 1.2MW power-generators for TeliaSonera Telia-Appstory-2012
Further information… (PDF).




The new AlarmManager-PRO

More security for data centers and ramified IT infrastructure units.

We have expand our MultiSensor system, a innovative monitoring solution for IT and technical rooms, with a new product for bigger server rooms, data centers and ramified infrastructure units.
The new Kentix AlarmManager-PRO monitor and communicate via radio or LAN with up to 30 Kentix MultiSensors.


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