Kentix Excels in Fiber POP sites

Kentix Excels in Fiber POP sites

The point of presence (POP), acts as the starting point for the optical fiber path to the subscriber. The main functions of this “access node” include: to house all active transmission equipment from the telecom provider, to manage all fiber terminations and to facilitate the interconnection between optical fibers and active equipment.fiber c

Optical networking equipment carries information using light waves via fiber optic cables. Large amounts of data are transmitted. Network operators deploy systems to carry communications between continents, across countries, between cities and within large metropolitan areas. Growth in bandwidth-intensive services – like streaming high-definition videos,  mobile broadband and the growth of Cloud Services – is driving the need for increased bandwidth.

Typically Fiber POP sites are smaller footprint areas- containers, bunkers, squeezed in commercial building areas.  Optical Network Switches and accessory equipment are extremely high value, the cost of delivering data is huge. Power, Cooling and UPS backup systems are needed. These areas are physically secured and typically unmanned.IMG_20160129_151454818 (1)


Kentix innovation allows for continuous monitoring of all aspects in these sites. One  compact system secures the facility : access security, IP cameras, motion sensing, environmental conditions (temp, humidity dewpoint) power loss, vibration, pre-alarm for smoke, (no melt downs allowed in data delivery!) true Fire/Burglary/Sabotage  and in addition, simply monitoring the networks itself.

Customers can also add information from the UPS, AC/DC loads, batteries, cooling equipment, via snmp; providing an entire holistic approach, in one single dashboard view.screen-collage

Everything is logged, and contained within the  Kentix multi-sensor, the all in one risk mitigator., smaller than the size of a cigar box.

The Kentix Alarm Manager is a two way communicator- checking that all systems are a-ok”  7×24.

Kentix Innovative Security
Kentix Innovative Security

The  Kentix system delivers instant alerting of any event , and watches these sites for any breech in real time, all the time. Within the fiber carrier network, or to authorized users and their mobile devices. Optional KentixCloud 360 leverages cloud technology offering safe and secure alerting, reporting and

Data and Fiber equipment is expensive, and has a high operating cost. Equipment downtime  provides an exponential price tag should the network or equipment be compromised .

Kentix is the  “no brainer” cost effective solution that ensures the POP site is running.

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