Detect dangers early and report them immediately. Have eyes on the problem as soon as an event occurs.  Essential for quick  assessment of critical conditions in remote installations, live video recording  and transmitting  system alerts with all information in one message.

360 ° Smart Building Security from a single source

Identify dangers as quickly as possible with “event-synced” pictures and alarms. Our smart web based system detects dangers early, immediately reports them , and registers both authorized and unauthorized access. A live video recording is triggered with the alarm or event and enables the rapid “eyes on” assessment of critical conditions even in  remote or distributed areas.  As an  end-to-end IP-based system,  we can directly access the video data from IP network cameras. These are recorded continuously. In the event of an incident, images can be merged, stored and transmitted before and after the event.

The advantage ? Information in real time from measurement data and image data in one system.

            Enhanced Risk Mitigation through Smart Integration