Kentix saves OPEX for Modular and Telecom Sites

Save costs as a carrier or IT provider

The 24/7 uninterrupted monitoring of a branched and often also global infrastructure is an important part in ensuring the operation of a telecommunications company.  The use of various security systems to monitor critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, power or movement is standard equipment of each telco infrastructure – whether in a small data center, repeater stations or in distributed remote containers.

With Kentix system solutions, individual systems can be replaced and achieve significant savings. Case Studies show that large carriers reduced their costs of investment and operation by up to 2/3. Further: false alarms and unnecessary  outbound calls could also be reduced – drastically .

360° monitoring for Network Operation Center

No matter how small or large the application is –

Kentix systems are scalable   almost any size and can be integrated into closed systems. 

Starting with a  StarterSet with AlarmManager and MultiSensor as a basis, you can expand your system as desired and include all infrastructure units in the system.  

You need help in selecting the components for your environment?

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Important for container and remote sites

50% of all failures are caused by technical defects or human error

Recovery works are costly and time consuming

Physical hazards not only threaten your IT!

                 Integrates the entire infrastructure -Equipment Status -BMS- Network 

One System-Continuous Threat Monitoring – Reports to your phone

Industry Sites


Air conditioning systems, UPS systems and more can be monitored for functionality in real time

Servers in your network are monitored permanently for availability by the Alarm Manager

The ingenious Kentix MultiSensor technology monitors all critical threats in your rooms

All important messages are forwarded to the responsible persons immediately


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