Thomas Fritz Hendrik Weinz

Kentix SmartXcan assists Hospitals

SmartXcan in use for Hospitals to keep patients and visitors safe.


Due to the COVID pandemic the Elisabeth Foundation in Birkenfeld is open only to hospital staff and patients.

To ensure compliance and public safety, a reception area has been set up, where the Kentix SmartXcan is use on a daily basis.

All persons that enter the hospital are required to undergo a short test. SmartXcan in Hospital

In a few seconds, body temperature is measured and if the test result is negative access to the building is granted.  In case of any abnormalities in body temperature, access is denied, and the person is transferred to a secured hospital area for further examinations.

The Idar-Oberstein Clinic uses the SmartXcan as a self administered check point.

It is located near the main entrance. Thomas Fritz Hendrik Weinz

“The Kentix SmartXcan is a useful addition to the measures already taken in our hospital,” says administrative director Hendrik Weinz. “We want to make the test with the Kentix SmartXcan an integral part of the access in the hospital. Currently, we are discussing its use at the main entrance or access to specific wards.”


SmartXcan offers contactless body temperature scanning the first step in identifying persons with COVID. Extremely accurate and private it can check and pass persons through in a matter of seconds. This device is compliant with FDA and has a  0.5 % accuracy in accordance with medical diagnostic devices.

Compliance measures are being mandated to ensure public health. The accuracy, contactless safety and ease of use with additional features such as messaging display, external LED indicators, and verbal ques are all options that are available.

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