Kentix US President Tanja Lewit to Speak at Nagios 2014

Tanja Lewit

11ae156President @ Kentix US
Tanja Lewit is one of the founding members of PC&S Inc, a company that Manufactures Electrical Equipment for Measurement and Control of Power. Tanja has served as a Principal since 1992. Under her Executive leadership the company has seen consistent, profitable and sustainable growth specializing in Power Measurement both AC and DC Control Power Systems. PC&S has partnered with their customers to design, develop, manufacture Industrial Components and Instrumentation Solutions for several industries including US Military, Power Generation Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment and DC Transit systems.
Nagios and Kentix System Partners – Critical Monitoring Alerts in Your Hand
Knowledge Level: Beginner
Solutions Covered: Nagios Incident Manager
Interfacing the Kentix Alarm manager to send critical information via texts and emails to your cell. Utilizing Nagios for monitoring and interfacing with the Kentix AlarmManager-PRO with connected MultiSensors and use the AlarmManager as SMS-Gateway for sending alarms to mobile phones. Ease of Integration, Monitoring Parameters-Ensuring equipment protection, Critical Monitoring and Nagios set up and configuration overview, Real Time alerts via Texts and Emails-What you need to know.

Who Should Attend?

Nagios World Conference is ideal for individuals and organizations that are looking to deploy or enhance a Nagios monitoring solution in their environment, or increase their knowledge of Nagios and its extensive suite of addons.

The conference is targeted at systems and network administrators, developers, IT managers, and other IT professionals.

Want to get a better idea of what to expect at the 2014 conference? Visit the 2013, 2012, and 2011 conference pages for past presentations, photos, and videos.

What’s Covered?

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The 2014 Nagios World Conference will feature knowledgeable speakers and cover a variety of subject matters, including:

  • New product announcements
  • Best practices
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Scalability, distributed monitoring and performance tuning
  • Cloud computing and automation
  • Mapping and visualization tools
  • Training courses and workshops
  • Development tutorials
  • New developments and features

Exclusive Benefits

Free Certification Testing: Become a Nagios Certified Administrator by taking your certification exam onsite at the conference – free of charge

Free Onsite Training: Attend free training sessions from our official training partner at no additional charge.

JumpStart Sessions: Allow knowledgeable Nagios Support Staff to help you get Nagios up and running quickly, and smoothly.

New Product Discounts: By attending the conference, you’re eligible for special new product discounts not available to others.

Direct Product Direction Influence: The conference is the one time of year that you have direct access to the Nagios team to share your ideas, request new features, and influence product direction in person.

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