Kentix Wins 2015 AT&T IoT Award

Kentix Wins 2015 AT&T IoT Award

Kentix Innovative Security wins 2015 IoT award sponsored by AT&T. Kentix uses multisensor technology to provide 4 security systems in one continuously monitoring and reporting critical threats to your phone. Know always anywhere servers are secure.

Landing, NJ, January 12, 2016 — Kentix Innovative Security was recognized by Industry Peers, Educators and Technology Leaders this past year, in an Internet of Things competition, here in NJ.

The event was held at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. Companies and educational organizations from throughout New Jersey showcased some of their best Internet and machine-to-machine research initiatives at the New Jersey Tech Council’s (NJTC) Internet of Things (IoT) Conference at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark.

“New Jersey has a strong innovation economy, and our support of the IoT Conference was another way we help showcase innovators and entrepreneurs in New Jersey,” said J. Michael Schweder, president, AT&T Mid Atlantic.

Alicia Abella, Assistant VP of Cloud Technologies and Services Research Organization at AT&T, was a featured speaker at the event and highlighted AT&T’s leadership in the IoT.

“AT&T is mobilizing your world and creating a global, connected experience through the Internet of Things. We’re creating connected experiences for your smartphone, wearable device, car, home and business,” Abella said. “We led the connected life evolution from day one. We’re making the right investments, taking chances when others won’t, and driving innovation — a long-standing tradition at AT&T.”

Among the participating companies and educational organizations, that came out for the AT&T IoT Awards, the Kentix solution was selected Kentix US wins the sensors category. As quoted by Esther Sturden NJ Tech Weekly:

“Tanja Lewit, managing director, discussed Kentix’s really cool one-stop solution for physical threats to data farms and data centers. The one-box multi-sensor technology mitigates problems caused by temperature, humidity, dew point, motion, sabotage, power loss, or ‘you name it,’” Lewit said. “More than 50 percent of IT losses are caused by physical threats,” she told the audience. The company has a phone app that indicates when something is out of order. “The idea is that you no longer need separate systems for burglary or fire detection,” Lewit said. In addition, the device integrates into a company’s own software-detection systems and infrastructure system software. – NJ Tech Weekly

This prestigious award represents recognition of newer technologies, that encompass ingenuity and technology in support of continued uptime and integrity business processes. Having been chosen as recipient has opened several new channel opportunities, and provides Kentix’s growing team of solution providers new applications for their products.

Kentix utilizes multi sensor technology to provide complete physical coverage.

The technology is simple yet considers every aspect of mission critical equipment.

Temp, Humidity, CO2, Fire, Sabotage, Power Loss, Access, etc.

All in one box solution, and wireless; Kentix utilizes Zigbee to create a mesh network that is constantly monitoring all conditions of the area. Alerts are sent via text messages or emails, and enables the ability to control actions from your phone as well.

Open Process Control and easy to integrate with existing systems: Network Monitoring Software, DCIM BMS, and enable other parameters that you monitor to be added to our critical text and/or email alert system. Knowing when you network goes down, is a key feature.

And one step further- Physical Security; Kentix offers remote control, of Access and Video, to simply tie security in to the ‘blanket coverage.” Know and Control access to your critical and secured areas.

About Kentix:
Kentix US works with “best in class” resellers and solution providers across the US to service our customers. We offer exceptional service and are growing our US facility and team partners to best provide our solution to ensure continued uptime and support of mission critical business process.

Visit us; @KentixUS

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