Kentix wins Award!

Kentix Innovative “multi-sensor technology”  wins award as best in class Sensor technology during the Internet of Things Conference at NJIT in Newark NJ.

Kentix is a one box solution using multi-sensor technology that provides for 4 security systems in one. All physical threats in a server room, or critical equipment area in a facility are monitored continuously and logged over time.   Kentix  creates a wireless mesh network that watches all aspects of any critical equipment room, and alerts via texts or emails remotely, with remote control also available from your phone.

Temp, Humidity, CO2,  Pre Smoke Alarm, Fire, Sabotage , Power Loss, Access, Motion, Vibration,

All one wireless system,  the mesh network constantly monitors. All accessed from your cell or tablet.  
Kentix Award
 Always know that your server room is secure and critical equipment is monitored for proper environment.


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