Scade System

Legacy to Network

Today we have the IoT and IIoT, Internet of Things, what happened?

Technology ran us over- the ability to speak at the network level took over. New operating systems came forth. Windows, MAC and Linux – an open form of UNIX, grew momentum as it was OPEN, free to be used by all.

The age of the internet is born, and the web extends. The Internet is now OPEN to do business, and the operating systems of yesterday give way to the “platforms” of today.

We provide cloud and network connectivity to wired RS485 and legacy BMS systems for more insights reliability and future analysis

Utilizing the Internet to speak to devices on the network, IP devices; we use mobile technology and apps to query and process. Sensors come into play, and we are placing new connectivity to manage and analyze our energy consumption, secure our critical equipment rooms, monitoring, log and alert to remote locations on important and critical events.

Know what the power consumption is, and deliver alerts to a mobile device  on a voltage fluctuation.

SCADA is now the mobile device.

And today’s metering: for both AC and DC,  we utilize small sensor devices to read, and manage power down at the branch levels. Alternate offers metering solutions that can be read from existing RS485 meters and bring that   communication to the network level, to provide alerts on power fluctuations, and offer management possibilities via “platforms” like never before.

Metering to cloud applications-  call us to find out how to manage power better than ever before.




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