T5 Retrofit Kit Overview

[info]Energy Efficiency[/info]

Instant Energy Savings up to 80%.
ROI less than 1 year average – 10x faster than any other retrofit kit on the market.
T5 fluorescent tube leader in energy efficiency, light quality and price: best replacement option for T12 and T8.
Delamping possible for majority of applications.


[info]Sustainable Quality[/info]

Customer Convenience Smaller carbon footprint 60%

Sustainability through retrofitting old to new: No new fixture – no ballast rewiring or replacement.

Only tailor-made T5 retrofit solution specifically designed for the US market.

Sustainable supply chain, on site quality control and jobs for the US.


[info]Customer Convenience[/info]

LUXADD’s advanced technology is maximizing customer convenience in linear fluorescent retrofit.

The LUXADD solution is the entire elimination of the transition process of retrofitting obsolete (T12) or less efficient (T8) linear fluorescent light to the most advanced lighting technology available: T5.

Easy installation and adoption of energy efficiency for commercial and residential applications.


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