New Contamination “Dirt” Sensor released

We are proud to present our new contamination sensor for data centers, IT racks and technical rooms

Dust/Dirt sensor measures the degree of contamination in the data center and IT rack

Middletown, NY 11.07.2019 +++ KENTIX GmbH, manufacturer of professional Smart Building Security solutions for the physical security of critical infrastructures, and facility areas .

Our newest sensor is for the detection of dust/dirt contamination in technical facilities such as data centers, IT distributors or technical rooms. The small sensor, measuring only 3 x 2 inches, optically measures dust deposits on a surface. As with other KENTIX expansion sensors, it is connected via RJ45 directly into the KENTIX system socket. The resolution can be adjusted directly on the sensor.

 Data centers, IT rooms and IT distributors are business-critical infrastructure require smooth business operations. The maintenance, repair and cleaning of these areas is important to avoid errors and maintain their value. Further areas such as raised floors or IT distributed areas that cannot be regularly visited or checked during daily operations, especially in these environments. The requirements to anticipate event-oriented maintenance is important for operations.

We developed the dust/dirt sensor based on these new requirements. The sensor detects and provides reporting of contamination in IT distributors in logistics area due to cardboard dust, tire debris from forklifts, robot vehicles, sheet-rock and construction debris and various other sources of contamination. Large automation and IT in harsh environments are necessary to be monitored for smooth operations and successful operations. Any failures of individual distribution areas, due to contamination would lead to interruption of operations.  Our KENTIX smart  multi-sensors already provides a continuous degree of environmental monitoring: climate, unauthorized access, power supply and vibration. Along with the dust sensor, (plug and play) any degree of contamination could also be realized. The messages are sent directly via SNMP to the operator’s management system. The advantage for the operator is that he can use this device as a resource for inspection and compliance with the detection of contamination now included.

Compliance in IT operations; such as ISO 27000 or EN 50600, along with Uptime and SLA’s requirements; is an integral part of successful audits along with maintenance and cleaning of systems. We offer this latest device to assist in your facilities and applications.

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Tanja Lewit

alternate e source/ Kentix US

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