New Degrees of Security – IoT Innovation for Infrastructure

   Smart Building technologies are suitable for use in any business case : Server- and IT rooms, critical areas and telecommunication systems, health care facilities; can be secured all-round with new integrated smart building solutions. The growing network edge, need for micro-grids , increased critical infrastructure demands and the coming of 5G are all reasons to utilize smart technologies. Advances in wireless networking technology and standardization of communications protocols make it possible to collect data from sensors almost anywhere-any time. Increases in storage and computing power, some of it available via cloud , make number crunching possible at very large scale and at declining cost.

None of this is news to companies on the frontier of adoption. As these technologies mature, the range of corporate deployments will increase. As we examine the definitions and benefits – utilizing IoT application and concepts into practical day to day use, we can understand how these can mitigate human error and streamline information and security processes.

We have seen IoT emerging in two categories: information and analysis and automation and control. Yet it is the enhanced security features, that provide a way of offering risk mitigation like never before. Physical security that is sensor and web based allows for integrations such as live video feed, that becomes part of the continuous monitoring, and data logging of every event. IP Keypads can offer opening to certain permissions , tied to profiles or time of day, every opening and closing of a door can support live video feed to “see “ who is coming and going . Securing equipment by deploying devices that monitor the climate, environmental conditions, smoke/ fire, and motion detection in and around equipment rooms, allows for being a sentry of all conditions that could cause systems to go down. Ensuring network connectivity by monitoring the network, and distributed IT areas is not only is cost effective feature, should any connection or network be compromised immediate resolution can occur, avoiding loss of business processes.

With smart building technologies, security is not only access control and video; its eyes on operational breaches.   Equipment breach alerts with live video provides for the recipient first to be responded for quick mitigation.  And covering all considerations; complete energy management is another web based, IoT capable collector to mitigate power disturbances, provide clarity on trends , and calculate cost and operational savings through analysis of data logged over time. The emerging smart technologies offer more benefits and insights than ever before.

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