KMS-TI People Counting and Air Quality

KMS-TI – People Counting, Presence Counting, Group Counting and Air Quality

The Smart Sensor KMS-TI counts people coming in and people on premise.

“Our IoT based people counting helps you to avoid crowded rooms, implement legal requirements, and protect employees and customers.


KMS-TI people counter
KMS-TI counts people
and social distances


Because a single infected person can transmit viruses to other people in the room via exhaled aerosols we included an air quality sensor in each device that looks at air contamination in concentrations.

Because social distancing offers safety -and  because it is unprecedented times, we offer a smart sensor that can assist us be smarter in the fight of COVID and other infectious agents.

Safety Measures with Smart Sensors

For use in offices, schools, at events, in food production or in retail stores:
The Smart Sensor-TI, several intelligent sensors are networked with each other using AI software. These count the number of people, detect minimum distances that need be observed, and in real-time-same-time measure the air quality. By knowing the density of persons in a room along with concentrate of air particles, alerts can go out to reduce persons in real time. In this way it is possible to reduce aerosols in rooms that may be contaminated with viruses. Deploying the KMS-TI enables knowing who is passing through, who is on premise, and who is NOT social distancing. During COVID times it is important to consider large concentrations of persons in a building and concentrations of aerosol particles in the air for overcrowding. The Smart Sensor KMS-TI offers people counting and  helps ensure safety – in less numbers.



  • Presence or passage counting-People Counting
  • Capture of several entries and exits
  • Easily networkable via LAN

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