Alarm System

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  • Alarm Sounder for Kentix Systems

    Scares intruders away:  Our Kentix System Alarm Sounder for indoor or outdoor use

    • Very loud alarming noise 50dB
    • Red flashing LED light
    • Prevention of burglary
    • Protection class IP65
    • Plug and Play connection to an AlarmManager or MultiSensor


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  • Leakage Smart Sensor with Rope

    Detects water and liquid leakage at an early stage and continuously with rope style sensor for better coverage. Monitor before, during and after weather and flood events, provides for risk management and instant alerting when detected.  

    • Easy plug and Play Connection to AlarmManager or MultiSensor
    • Enhanced leakage detection
    • Flexible placement
    • 100% waterproof electronics
    • Standard patch cable included
    • Available rope lengths: 20 or 30 feet, customization available

    RJ45 plug and play

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