Dust/Dirt Sensor

Our latest  Dust/Dirt Sensor detects levels of contamination in server racks, under raised floors, distributed equipment rooms. Ideal for  harsh environments to monitor levels of contamination which can cause equipment failures over time. The ADCCP  http://www.adccp.org/industry-standards.htm#standards provides standards for server room cleanliness and our newest sensor assists in overall compliance, at the equipment level .

Uses an optical lens where you can self adjust the resolution . Alerting can be delivered with live camera view and as a result of having ” eyes on first” can save valuable equipment from having any problems and ensure uptime, and that operations and processes run smooth.

Detects Construction Debris, Filings, Dust, Cardboard , Rubber , and other materials; can offer quick resolution with video camera integration. It is the ultimate sensor for continuous monitoring of areas that can be affected by dust and debris. It is even more important to know what is happening at the rack level when equipment that runs processes are located in distributed warehouse areas, or remote locations. The dirt sensor  provides an easy way to manage valuable assets and processes, and thereby assists in keeping operations running smooth.

Saving costs by eliminating downtime from simple dirt and debris adds incredible value to this sensor device.




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