Portable Energy Meter with Smart CVT -EM Series

Portable Power Meter with Smart CVT

The EM Series meter is the easiest to install, most accurate meter. The power monitor uses flexible Rogowski CTs because they’re compact, lightweight, and split-core for easy installation.

The  smart Current Transformer is so designed it digitally communicates with The EM series meter.

Combing the Voltage connection at the current transformer (CT) results in measuring current and voltage in the transducer.

A Power Monitor with Smart CVT technology  measures both Voltage and Current and communicates the data digitally via low voltage connections. CVTs can be interchanged from meter to meter-portable with accuracy maintained
assisting in Audits- meter is not size specific. The meter has a rapid instal- plug and play for measurements over a period of time, or power spot checks in critical facilities.

Alternate E Source provides scalability to numerous multiple power nodes and can provide RS 485 to Cloud or Network ability. Please contact us to find out more email us here

The Smart  microprocessor enabled CVTs boast numerous benefits:

▪ Digitally calibrated and extremely accurate
▪   Plug and play installation— individual CVT are digitally recognized by the
meter base and outputs are automatically scaled—no user set up is required.
▪ Digital communication offers superior noise immunity compared to
traditional induced low-signal coils
▪ the flexible CVTs are available in 4 sizes from 9” to 36” in circumference and
include several rating options from 300A to 6000A and are universally rated
for 90-600V


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