Equipment Rack Recirculation Barrier


Recirculation barrier paritions are designed to restrict hot exhaust air from reaching the cold aisle in your rack array.  It is utlized by filling unoccupied spaces between racks, therefore reducing inefficiencies in the Data Center’s air streams (CRAC’s / ACU’s).

A factory finished solution, all barriers are manufactured in accordance with a rigorous Quality Control program. Each barrier installed improves thermal capabilities, while maintaining the performance and reliability of associated equipment.

Fire Retardant, translucent panels are attractive and facilitate transmission of service lighting.


A modular, portable, and reusable solution to reduce tempuratures within rack arrays.

Technical Specifications

• Custom heights up to 96”
• Width spans up to 36”
• V0 Fire Retardant
• Anti-Static
• 2 Year Warranty
• Attractive Translucent Polycarbonate

Equipment Rack Recirculation Barrier 2

Temperature Comparison

Lab testing has indicated a 6.5˚ F drop in inlet tempurature after the installation of a single unit within a row of racks. In working with IBM Research, it has been caluclated that a single recirculation barrier has a ROI of 14 months on average based on 8.5 KWH.






Download full datasheet: Recirculation Barrier Datasheet

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 84 in

Tri-Fold $1535.00


Bi-Fold 36 x 84 $887

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