IP Keypad-Smart Door Access with Live Video



We  launched our IP Wall Reader as a “smart door controller” featuring an illuminated touch-pin-pad. Opening doors is only possible with full authorization. Because we offer easy IP cameras integration every opening and closing of a door will save live video feed capture of all personnel coming through. 2-part authentication, multiple door profiles – control from your mobile device. We offer enhanced security from existing IP cameras in order to increase physical security on the premises.

Additionally, this modular access solution can now be easily connected with a radio – integrated version to one centrally administered system.  Features unlimited profiles, which are easy to manage remotely.

The new IP Wall Reader offers the possibility to unlock doors with an RFID medium or/and by entering a pin code (two-factor-authorization possible). The central unit with network access is established by a network relay module. It is mounted on the wall and power is supplied via PoE. An integrated web server enables a central administration. Via a BUS connection, the relay module communicates with the IP Wall Reader. The reader can easily be assembled in the outlet socket or with a housing for surface mounting (optional) in the vicinity of the door. In order to integrate an additional door, an expansion reader without a relay module is sufficient. Power for the expansion reader is supplied via the Kentix AccessPoint (KXP-2). If more doors or rooms are to be integrated, several network relay modules can be connected by a master-slave-mode to one system with central administration.

IP video integration for additional physical security

The IP Wall Reader also offers the integration of IP video, if desired. In order to set this up, each door in the system can be connected to an IP camera that is triggered with each unlocking of the door and records a series of pictures. The video sequence is then saved in the log book together with the user data and a time stamp and can be retrieved any time. In case of a false entry or attempted sabotage, the system administrator immediately receives an email with the pictures attached. This offers an increased level of physical security on the entire premises.

Simply connect tethered and radio-integrated access solutions to one system with the IP Wall Reader


  • Wall Reader with Ethernet and PoE
  • Door lock is supplied via PoE with 24VDC outlet
  • Integrates Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP
  • No external software required – web server (HTTPS)
  • With 13.56MHz RFID card reader
  • StarterSet with Relay Module or single as Extension Reader (MIFARE® DESFire®, Legic® advant)


  • Access control with door opening function
  • Two-factor-authentication possible (RFID and/or PIN code)
  • For assembly in outlet socket or with housing for surface mounting (optional)
  • Arming/disarming of the alarm system via Kentix AlarmManager
  • IP video integration
  • Combinable with radio-integrated access solution

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StarterSet (IP Wall Reader, Relay Module, 3 RFID Tokens), IP Wall Reader without Relay Module (Extension Reader)

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