M850 Digital Panel Meter


Why Are Power Monitors Important?
What do Power Monitors do? Basically they monitor energy usage in a facility. This is a very critical system that most companies do not have in place. The only resource they have is their power bill that comes once a month. They see their monthly costs rising, but they do not know where they can conserve energy. Imagine operating a company without an accounting system. You do not know your income or your expenditures. This is the same for a company with no energy monitoring system; they have no clue that there are energy efficiencies in the company. Some companies prefer energy audits, rather than investing in a system. But what use is that in a year, in 5 years. Equipment changes, people change and all that knowledge is lost. If you install a system that tracks energy usage, then it is there for a very long time, and it works 24/7.

Our M850 is supplied from the US -we offer NIST calibration

M850 follows RS 485 convention , we can also offer energy management via cloud network for more information    email here





How Does It Work?

The system will measure energy usage on phases in the main distribution panel. This is done be installing CT’s (Current Transformers) on electrical loads in the main distribution panel. The information then is fed to an internet based interface that allows users to download reports, change set-points and compare energy usage by size, location etc. In addition, energy monitoring systems can be used to verify energy usage reductions from “energy saving” equipment like new compressors, lighting, control systems etc.

The Right Meter

AES offers the Multitek Series Power Meters for energy management applications. Designed for permanent installation , accurately measures AC and DC parameters, in addition accessory current Transformers, and DC shunts are available to complete your system.

Perform Facility and Building Load Monitoring, Photovaltic Monitoring, and overall AC and DC Electrical Systems. Power monitoring and management.

Full electrical system measurements in one unit. Various Display options for ease of readability. Accurately tracks Kw/hrs.

For More Information download our DataSheet by clicking here.

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