Smart Sensor KMS-LAN-the original Multi-Sensor


Smart Sensor KMS-LAN-the original Multi-Sensor – all in one-Remote Critical Room monitoring

Network enabled remote monitoring and data logging with just one device. Offers remote threat detection thermals, vibration, motion, smoke fire. Includes Live Video alerting on any event and documents in event log. Ideal as a stand alone monitor for small infrastructure!
Because the KMS-LAN is continuous monitoring it gives the ability to status check what is happening real time in remote locations, and records all the data of what occurs over time. Like a “fitbit” for critical rooms, this device alerts via email, SNMP and to your phone what you need to know when it happens.

Its the next best thing to being there

• Integrated sensors: 8
• Monitored threats: up to 19
• Stand alone – Web server
• E-mail – SNMP alarm
• Room monitoring
• Power over Ethernet



Monitoring of all major threats with only one device

The MultiSensor-LAN as a stand-alone sensor is the ideal entry-level solution for the monitoring of server and IT rooms.  All required configurations are set up via the integrated webserver directly on the device and comfortably via the web browser. Alarms are sent out immediately via e-mail which includes all necessary information to react right and fast.

Moreover, the MultiSensor offers a SNMP interface which allows an easy integration into most network management systems. For a comprehensive monitoring solution, the device can also be combined with an AlarmManager-PRO, the Kentix security central. This enables alarms to be sent via SMS as well

Overview of Functions

  • Integrated-Sensors: 8
  • Monitors up to 19 threats
  • Embedded web-server with intuitive user-interface
  • PoE or external power supply possible
  • Full SNMP-V2 support
  • Alerting by E-Mail (SSL) or SNMP trap
  • An AlarmManager-PRO can be connected


  • Condition monitoring of IT- and server-rooms, data-center and infrastructure
  • Long term datalogging with chart view and CSV/XML export
  • Fault detection
  • Air monitoring of IT rooms and racks
  • Integration into Network Monitoring Systems
  • Monitoring of remote sites

The dashboard – Current state of the system at a glance

You can check the current state of the entire system on the dashboard. When an alarm has occurred, you will see at a glance where the alarm has gone off and what kind of alarm it is. The alarm zone table shows which areas are armed or disarmed and whether there is a trespassing alarm in the respective zone.

The AlarmManager saves the last two months of the measured climate data – temperature, humidity and dew point – of all connected MultiSensors. These can be viewed in a graph either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

MultiSensor settings – Who will receive alarms and when?

In the ControlCenter, up to 100 users can be defined for the operation and alarming via the Kentix system. You can choose different authorizations for different users which will determine the way a user can operate the system, which alarm zones they can arm/disarm and if and how they will receive alarms.

The configuration of the MultiSensors determines when an alarm is sent. In the setting for “Sensors – devices” all MultiSensors that are connected to the system are being managed. Here you can determine for each measurement value when an alarm will be triggered. Each MultiSensor is identified by a unique name and assigned to an alarm zone so that you can see directly where the alarm occurred.

Content of Delivery

  • 1x MultiSensorLAN (KMS-LAN)
  • Mounting bracket

Got Questions?

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Carbon Black, High White

Technical Data

Connectable devicesStand-Alone operation (integrated web server), AlarmManager-PRO
Sensor – Temperaturerange -20 to 99°C / -3 to 210°F
Sensor – Relative humidityrange 0 to 100%
Sensor- Dew pointin °C/°F calculated
Sensor – MotionPIR sensor, trigger sensitivity configurable detection cone: approx. 100° range: approx. 8m
Sensor – Vibration3-axis vibration-sensor (adjustable)
Sensor – Carbon-monoxide (CO)0-10.000ppm measurement ± 10%, Internal resolution: 20-200ppm (0-100%), lifetime approx. 5 years
Sensor – External alarm input1 x alarm input (Armed-Active, Always-Active), 1 x sabotage input wiring potential free
External alarm output2 x open collector 0.1A/12V (alarming, remote switching)
Buzzer85dB, 2.3kHz
LEDALARM (red), RUN (green), LINK/ACT at the LAN jack
LAN10/100Mbit LAN connection, integrated web server
SNMPSNMP V2 (write/read), SNMP Traps
Power supply with PoE12-72VAC/DC power consumption ca. 1.5W, PoE class 1
Power supply with external unit12-32VAC/DC power consumption ca. 1.5W over system jack
Kentix System-PortRJ45, for external plug´n play modules (KIO1)
ChassisMaterial: PSSize: 90 x 90 x 45 mm (3.54 x 3.54 x 1.77 in); Weight approx. 100 g (0,220 lbs); Color: high white, carbon black
Environmental conditionsTemperature 0 – 45°C / 32 – 113°F; Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
TypesKMS-LAN-B (Chassis Carbon-Black), KMS-LAN-W (Chassis High-White)
Content of deliveryMount bracket, Mount material
AccessoriesPoE Injector (KPOE150S), Plug power supply (KOP); Power-Adapter (KIO1); Leakage sensor (KLS02P)
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