All-in-one MultiSensor with ZigBee radio for easy networking with AlarmManager

  • Integrated sensors: 9
  • Monitored threats: up to 20
  • Wireless (ZigBee®)
  • Connection to AlarmManager
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Integrated USV




Wireless MultiSensor detects all major risks within one device

With the MultiSensor-RF, you get a monitoring solution for the monitoring of IT cabinets and server rooms that detects a variety of physical threats all in just one device. The MultiSensor-RF is operated in connection with an AlarmManager (or StarterSet). The collected sensor data are transmitted by radio (ZigBee ®) to the AlarmManager. In addition, the MultiSensor-RF has a built-in UPS and is enabled to detect power failures and sabotage.


Overview of functions

  • Integrated-Sensors: 8
  • Monitors up to 20 threats
  • ZigBee mesh-radio 2.4GHz
  • External power supply 9-32VDC
  • Integrated UPS function, alerts power loss
  • Full SNMP-V2 support via AlarmManager
  • An AlarmManager-BASIC/-PRO can be connected



  • Condition monitoring of IT- and server-rooms, data-center and infrastructure
  • Datalogging over months
  • Fault detection
  • Air monitoring of IT rooms and racks
  • Integration into Network Monitoring Systems
  • Monitoring of remote sites


Content of delivery

  • 1x MultiSensor-RF (KMS-RF)
  • Power adapter with power supply
  • Mounting bracket

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Kentix StarterSet-PRO-1


Connectable devices AlarmManager-BASIC (KAM-BASIC), AlarmManager-PRO (KAM-PRO)
Sensor – Temperature range -20 to 99°C / -3 to 210°F
Sensor – Relative humidity range 0 to 100%
Sensor- Dew point in °C/°F calculated
Sensor – Motion PIR sensor, adjustable sensitivity; detection cone: 100°, range: approx. 8m
Sensor – Vibration 3-axis vibration-sensor (adjustable)
Sensor – Carbon-monoxide (CO) 0-10.000ppm measurement ± 10%Internal resolution: 20-200ppm (0-100%), lifetime approx. 5 years
Sensor – External alarm input 1 x alarm input (Armed-Active, Always-Active), 1 x sabotage input, both for external dry contacts
Ext. output 2 x open collector 0.1A/12V (alarming, remote switching)
Buzzer 85dB, 2.3kHz
LED ALARM (red), RUN (green)
Radio ZigBee® 2,4GHz ISM band +3dBm output power, IEEE802.15.4, encryption AES 128 Bit
Power supply 12-32VAC/DC power consumption. ca 0.5W
Integrated UPS 4 minutes up time by internal high capacitor, control of external power supply
Kentix System-Port RJ45, for external plug´n play modules (KIO1, KIO2, KPS,…)
Chassis Material: PSSize: 90 x 90 x 45 mm (3.54 x 3.54 x 1.77 in); Weight approx. 100 g (0,220 lbs); Color: high white, carbon black
Environmental conditions Temperature 0 – 45°C / 32 – 113°F; Humidity 5-95%, not condensing
Types KMS-RF-B/WB = Chassis Carbon-Black, W = Chassis High-White
Content of delivery Mounting bracket and material
Accessories Plug power supply (KOP)PowerAdapter (KIO1), Leakage sensor (KLS02P)
Approvals CE

Additional information


Carbon Black, High White

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