New SmartXcan fever detection KMS-TI-FS-B

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MultiSensor SmartXcan for body temperature measurement

  • Integrated sensors: 5
  • Contactless measurement in 0.6 seconds
  • DSGVO compliant operation possible
  • up to 700 persons per hour
  • Email – SNMP Alarm – Rest API
  • Power over Ethernet


Thanks to smart sensor technology, using the SmartScan is self-explanatory and easy. Manual access control for porters, security and police; or auto control of relays to control doors, turnstiles, locks or barriers, with this smart senor access can open or keep closed automatically.


SmartXcan Test Alternate
SmartXcan accurate and fast


  • DSGVO-compliant operation possible, through self measurement
  • High precision measurement, over 1,000 measuring points
  • Manipulation protection. Thermal image analysis
  • Contactless body temperature measurement, no contact contamination


  • Self-explanatory user guidance through intelligent sensor technology
  • Simple and flexible mounting
  • Live control via web browser for doormen
  • Automatic control of doors or turnstiles


  • High throughput, up to 700 persons/hour
  • Early detection of regionally emerging fever hotspots
  • Plug & Play installation through PoE connection
  • Fast measurement in less than 1 second

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