MultiSensor-MINI Smart Sensor

Efficient monitoring in mini format, detects critical climate factors and unauthorized access

Compact MultiSensor for the detection of open/close and pin point thermal monitoring in IT cabinets.

The MultiSensor-MINI is simply attached on cabinet doors with the help of a door magnet It is operated in connection to an AlarmManager. The measured sensor data is transmitted via radio (ZigBee®) to the AlarmManager. The MultiSensor-MINI replaces classic door contacts and is easily installed thanks to battery operation. The battery lasts up to four years and can be exchanged easily by opening the housing of the sensor in the back.

Small but powerful: Simply stick it on doors or windows, monitors movement and climate!

• Integrated sensors: 6
• Monitored threats: 10
• Wireless (ZigBee®)
• Connects to AlarmManager
• Secures doors and windows
• Battery powered (lasts up to 4 years)



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