MultiSensor-MINI Smart Sensor


Efficient monitoring in mini format, detects critical climate factors and unauthorized access

Compact MultiSensor for the detection of open/close and pin point thermal monitoring in IT cabinets.

The MultiSensor-MINI is simply attached on cabinet doors with the help of a door magnet It is operated in connection to an AlarmManager. The measured sensor data is transmitted via radio (ZigBee®) to the AlarmManager. The MultiSensor-MINI replaces classic door contacts and is easily installed thanks to battery operation. The battery lasts up to four years and can be exchanged easily by opening the housing of the sensor in the back.

Small but powerful: Simply stick it on doors or windows, monitors movement and climate!

• Integrated sensors: 6
• Monitored threats: 10
• Wireless (ZigBee®)
• Connects to AlarmManager
• Secures doors and windows
• Battery powered (lasts up to 4 years)


Ingenious mini-sensor secures windows and doors and monitors climate as well

This very compact MultiSensor detects movement on doors, windows and any moving objects and includes climate monitoring as well The MultiSensor-DOOR is operated in connection with an AlarmManager (or StarterSet). The sensor data is sent via radio (ZigBee ®) to the AlarmManager. The MultiSensor-DOOR replaces classic door contacts and can be mounted very easily via a door magnet that adjusts to its surroundings. This way, it can be affixed on merely any door or window frame as well as lockers or cabinets. Please note: The MultiSensor-DOOR is made for inside use. It runs on batteries with a battery life of up to 4 years.

Overview of Functions

  • Integrated-Sensors: 6
  • Monitors 10 threats
  • ZigBee mesh-radio 2.4GHz
  • Battery powered approx. 4 years lifetime
  • Full SNMP-V2 support via AlarmManager
  • An AlarmManager-BASIC/-PRO can be connected


  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Perimeter security
  • Long term datalogging
  • Fault detection
  • Air monitoring of IT rooms and racks
  • Integration into Network Monitoring Systems

Content of Delivery

  • SmartMeter
  • Gain Magnet Antenna

Got Questions?

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Technical Data

Connectable devicesAlarmManager-BASIC (KAM-BASIC); AlarmManager-PRO (KAM-PRO)
Sensor – TemperatureRange -20 to 99°C / -3 to 210°F
Sensor – Relative humidityRange 0 to 100%
Sensor- Dew pointCalculated in °C/°F
Sensor – Acceleration sensor0-3G, 3-axis, adjustable sensitivity
Sensor – GyroscopeAngular sensitivity adjustable (5-360°, 3-axis)
Sensor – Reed contactMagnetsensor for door position
Buzzer65dB, 2.3kHz
LEDMulticolor-LED (Red/Green); ALARM (Red); Teach-in (Green)
RadioZigBee® 2,4GHz ISM band +3dBm output power, IEEE802.15.4, encryption AES 128 Bit
Power supplyBattery: 1x Lithium Ion 1/2 AA 3,6V (1.200 mAh)
ChassisMaterial: PS; Size: 62 x 27 x 27 mm (2.44 x 1.06 x 1.06 in); Weight approx. 50g; Color: high white
Environmental conditionsTemperature 0 – 45°C / 32 – 113°F; Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
TypesKMS-Door-W (High-White)
Accessories1x Li-Battery; Mounting material; Magnet for REED-contact
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