Smart Sensor KMS TI -Continuous Thermal Sensing -Hotspot Detection


Overview of functions for risk mitigation and risk management. Offers remote management and alerting. Continuous monitoring and logging of data.

Assists in Public Health and Building Efficiency compliance

   Multi-Sensor Integrated-Sensors:

  • People Counting
    • Passage
    • Presence
    • Distance
  • Air quality, VOCs
  • Temperature/Humidity levels-continuous
  • 4-factor early fire detection
  • PoE or external power supply possible
  • Full SNMP-V2 MIB support
  • Alerting by e-mail or SNMP trap – local alarm sound

Thermal Imaging for hotspot alerting in real time, differential pressure, improved smoke/fire detection, people counter and more! This “sentry device” is the next best thing to being there!


Thermo-Sensor TI Smart Monitoring with Thermal Tracking

Includes Continuous Air Quality Monitoring

Includes Temp/Humidity

Includes Early Smoke and Fire Detection

Continuous status -for when you need to check


The MultiSensor-TI is the latest in smart building technology with integrated thermal image sensor. This sensor allows for a continuous check with hotspot detection and can track people and can auto manage people when selected by function. The concept of Multi-Sensor Technology allows for this device to sentry many different applications and all at once. The smarts allow for alerting to you when you need to know something is out of range or a breach.

Smart Sensor People Counter
Smart Sensor with people counting.

People Counting

Because of its real time monitoring, the sensor enables continuous people counting.

The device auto tracks passageways and hallways in real time, to allow safety in less numbers of people in the flow. Helps alert and manage building areas for safety. Presence Counting – this smart sensor counts how many people are in the room to restrict recording and help with compliance. Distance measures help keep groups of people safe by alerting when there too many.

Direction of movement as well as the number of persons, this provides enhanced security and public safety. Built in ability to alert with video is great for verifications, and identification for safety officers, or administrators.

Placing these sensors in hallways assists keeping people from overcrowding. An audible buzz is quick to locally alert. Digital messaging and audible announcements are easily added and devices can be set in advance for your requirements.

From Facilities and Operations Perspective


For facilities and operations teams, using this as a remote smart monitor; critical plant conditions and early fire detection can be alerted in real time when present or not. The pre fire detection is continuous and is a four-part sensing system that detects with thermal eye, sniffer sensor, AQI air quality, and temperature sensor.

In addition, the on-board DP differential pressure sensors allow for deployment in various arrays. Placement above and under floors provide continuous monitoring and alerting on thresholds defined by the user.  Over time and in real time, a continued HVAC checking system and trend data is available. Data analysis as an option can provide better preventative measures.    

The air quality in the room can be monitored and the built-in differential pressure monitoring performs real time checks on building HVAC systems.  

Beyond Hotspot Detection

Because this device is a smart sensor it has the advantage over a thermal camera – as it purposely built for function of acting as a “fitbit”. It has been designed to be the best remote sentry – made even better by adding germanium thermal imaging. All devices are data protection compliant and can link additional messaging or digital signage with thermal evaluations.

As the Thermal Imaging is continuous and responds to alerting and logging thresholds, the data is stored with details over time. Realtime data results can be used for quick improvement planning. Before and after measures for efficiency may be tracked.

Did you know? For early fire detection, four factors are calculated (thermal image, CO, air quality, room temperature) and all are considered for reliable detection and risk mitigation.

The smart MultiSensor-TI offers SNMP interface for integration into most network systems for remote collection and easy remote accessibility. Information and communication sent for your decision making.

Because it has thermal sensing and scanning ability, the web connected KMS-TI sensor has an advantage to offer instant alerting through network and to your mobile device when integrated with Alarm Manager Pro.

Real-time text messaging is required for response.

The MultiSensor KMS-TI is powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or a separate plug-in power supply unit.

KMS-TI Alternate E SourceOverview of Functions:

  • Integrated-Sensors: 8
  • Monitors up to 30+ threats.
  • People counting, passage or occupancy.
  • 4-factor early fire detection
  • Embedded web-web intuitive user-interface
  • PoE or external power supply possible
  • Full SNMP-V2 MIB support
  • Alerting by e-mail (TLS) or SNMP trap
  • Connectable to Alarm Manager Hub


Download Specification and Guide KMS-TI Guide 2023

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